Insights: PRO SKY Destination Report 2014 shows current event trends



Especially popular with event planners this year are: Barcelona and Spain in general. This is the conclusion reached by the PRO SKY Destination Report 2014, which identifies trends in the events industry. Following right on the heels of the winner are event destinations Croatia, Turkey, Oslo, Marseilles, and Edinburgh. The results are based on evaluations and tips from 161 event coordinators from all over Europe.

Which destinations are trendy for 2014? Who will win, who will lose? And how large are the groups at events? In December Pro Sky posed these questions once more to event managers in agencies and companies all over Europe. A total of 161 people answered. It paints an interesting picture of the industry that can simultaneously serve as inspiration and analysis for planners.

USA and Asia more popular for events than the Middle East

Upon closer examination of world regions, a clear preference emerges: European event planners love their own continent. 80 percent of respondents want to carry out events in Europe this year. Clearly lagging behind are the USA (34 percent) and Asia (37 percent). With 20 percent, the Middle East only made it as far as fourth place amongst the world regions. Interesting: the regional differences. Swiss event planners, for example, show a more marked preference for the USA (41 percent), while Europe as a destination fares somewhat better in Germany with a score of 85 percent.

Country comparison: Spain secures the top spot

In a country comparison a clear victor emerged: Spain. 54 percent of European event coordinators placed this destination in the favourites list. Germany secured second place with 41 percent of replies (multiple entries were possible). Destinations with moderate Southern European climates followed in the rankings: Portugal, Italy and France with 35 percent. In the north, Scandinavia also comes out near the top with 32 percent of replies.

Barcelona far ahead amongst the metropolises

The tendency emerging from the country comparison is also reflected with the metropolises: Spain takes the lead as far as event destinations go. 50 percent of respondents are planning an event in the mega metropolis Barcelona in 2014. With a marked difference, Berlin secured second place with 36 percent. London was close behind (33 percent), such as Lisbon (32 percent), and Paris (31 percent). As with the world regions, interesting regional differences also emerge. In Switzerland, for example, London was at the top of the rankings: 47 percent of respondents put the British capital in their favourites list for events. In Germany, however, Rome took the rankings by surprise with a good value of 22 percent. And Berlin has more fans in Germany than in Europe overall (47 to 36 percent).

Fewer large event groups in 2014

How many participants will be travelling per singular corporate event in 2014? The PRO SKY Destination Report also got to the bottom of this question. 54 percent of respondents planned to have groups of 50 or fewer participants at their events. 48 percent planned for 50 to 100 participants and 32 percent for 100 to 250 participants (multiple entries were possible). A tendency towards small groups was especially pronounced in Switzerland. 74 percent of the federal event projects had up to 50 participants. Does a smaller country mean smaller group sizes?

Trendy event destinations: Croatia, Turkey, Oslo, Marseilles, Edinburgh

Where will the "journey" take us to? In the PRO SKY Destination Report, event planners were also asked about destinations that they think will have more potential in the future. Most frequently mentioned this year was Croatia. It appears that the respondents like the mixture of sun, sea, and cultural highlights like the historic old city of Dubrovnik. In Scandinavia, Oslo as an event destination is always winning over more fans and in France many event managers have placed Marseilles on their agenda. The tip from the previous year for Turkey continues to be on track and the importance of Edinburgh in Great Britain for events appears to have increased.

Are you interested in reading the full report? You can request the analysis in PDF form via email: Sabine Thomas,

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