Environmental Responsibility

" Companies bear just as much responsibility as every individual for society and the environment. At Pro Sky, we are vitally aware of this responsibility and, together with our customers and partners, we plan to engage more closely with this in the future."

Armin Truger – CEO, Pro Sky

Environmental Awareness

Climate protection is playing an ever more significant role in the aviation business. In order to easily provide you with all the information in regards to the environmental consequences of your flights, we have partnered with the leading climate protection organisation, atmosfair.

Together, we have developed a tool that allows you to:

  • calculate CO2 emissions and identify your carbon footprint. 
  • offset your emissions by supporting one of a number of accredited climate protection projects worldwide.

Please get in touch to find out more about evaluating your annual CO2 footprint, or any other advice you require about offsetting emissions.

Find out more about our partner here

Environmental Awareness

Offsetting Your Emissions

Along with calculating your C02 footprint, we also offer clients the opportunity to directly offset their emissions and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and help people living in poverty throughout the world.

This can be done through a number of environmental protection projects offered by our partner, atmosfair. We will be happy to advise you regarding these schemes and, if required, will provide contribution receipts.

You can find a selection of the different climate protection projects here:

Project Overview

Offsetting Your Emissions


Calculating flight emissions can be a complex matter. However, working in partnership with emission expert, atmosfair, we have developed a precise calculation tool for charter and private jet flights that provides the following details:  

  • data on distance flown
  • capacity and booking class
  • parameters of flight altitude and type of aircraft ( in order to compare the environmental effect of different flight options)

Through our partnership with atmosfair, it is also possible to calculate all emissions for charter & private jet flights. 

Try it for yourself here:

Calculator for Groups

Calculator for Corporate Jets