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Stefanie Wahn


"During my Aviation Management studies, Business Aviation caught my interest. Pro Sky was the perfect fit for my internship and has encouraged me to contribute in other areas so that I am not limited to my team. For me, working for Pro Sky is continuous learning and challenging myself every day. And even though everyone is busy with his or her own projects, I know that I can always approach my colleagues for support."

Stefanie Wahn, Client Service Manager Aircraft Charters

Jennifer Meiners


"I have a passion for the airline industry, and I chose Pro Sky as an employer because during the application process I already felt warmly welcomed. My favorite aspect about working for Pro Sky is being able to work with clients from all over the world every single day. And each day brings a new challenge, so you never get bored."

Jennifer Meiners, Client Service Manager Airline Tickets for Groups

Dennis Trunschke

Service Manager Airport & Inflight

"I chose Pro Sky because I identified with the company’s values. I appreciate the breadth of its customer portfolio and the cross-team support always available from my helpful, loyal colleagues. Working closely with all the operating departments of airlines and airports increases my knowledge of the industry, and the Flight Management opportunities bring me into contact with unique places."

Dennis Trunschke, Client Service Manager Airport & Inflight Services

Susanne Drenks

Client Service Manager Airline Tickets for Groups

"It was clear during my interview that Pro Sky is a genuinely innovative company whose focus is always finding the best solutions for its clients and its team. I was fascinated by how this principle translated to practice at the company. I have the opportunity to participate within a team that is always developing higher standards of service for the company and, at the same time, always developing individual employees’ expertise."

Susanne Drenks, Client Service Manager Airline Tickets for Groups

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Internship in a pandemic:

What's it like to do an internship from home during a pandemic? "Mega," says Niklas Huysecom. But, he continued, support from the company was crucial. "I felt very well looked after, was able to work independently and gain lots of experience." Read about the projects in which Niklas excelled, and why he was so keen to promote us at his university.