How Pro Sky brought the Cypriot team into the game

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News: How Pro Sky brought the Cypriot team into the game

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Ten heavy metal boxes, 20 bags bulging at the seams, countless suitcases – when the Cypriot national football team travels, it takes its fair share of luggage with it. Important equipment that needs to be taken along. Planning security is thus absolutely essential when it comes to transport. Just the right challenge for Pro Sky. We'll show you how we brought the team perfectly into the game.

Forty five passengers and a mountain of equipment: away games are a logistical challenge for Cyprus’ national football team. So far, the team, led by national coach Charalampos Christodoulou, has mostly travelled by scheduled flights with limited weight allowance. Not much space for players and luggage, as the lead travel agency established. Just how can loading equipment be made easier and comfort enhanced for professional footballers? Pro Sky was soon brought in to develop new flight solutions.

Fokker 100 for more room in the cabin and hold

First use: a qualifier against Bosnia-Herzegovina with a chartered aircraft between Zagreb and Sarajevo. Pro Sky had the clear aim of using a sufficiently large aircraft at the best price. Following research throughout Europe, a Fokker 100 with over 90 seats was finally chosen. This meant more room for the passengers, who were delighted about the improved comfort.

PRO SKY Flight Manager: important component in the success of the project

And we were able to score on the logistics side, too. A PRO SKY Flight Manager accompanied the group. He was a professional point of contact and quality manager on site. Our own team captain, who, in particular, oversaw the loading of the team’s equipment. As a result, everything found its perfect place. That is planning security ‘made by Pro Sky’.

By the way, Cyprus was able to turn the match against Bosnia-Herzegovina its way, winning 2:1. Could it have been down to the pleasant flight?