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Picture: Cessna Citation


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The new Citation Latitude promises a generous sense of spaciousness. With this in mind, the developers have built in exceptionally large windows, amongst other things. However, up to eight passengers will be able to enjoy much more than just a bright cabin. That’s to say, the jet scores points with an additional comfort feature. We will show you what we mean.

From the exterior it’s already clear to see that the new Citation Latitude offers a lot of space for passengers. An especially large fuselage cross-section makes this possible. “The widest model in the Cessna Citation series”, says the manufacturer, singing its praises. In fact, at the EBACE we were surprised by the space on offer in the aircraft and its cabin height of 1.83 metres.

Trump card: flat floor

There’s a little detail that you and your guests could particularly like: the flat floor in the cabin. Many other models (e.g. the popular Citation XLS) reach a comfortable standing height by lowering the corridor. The seats to the left and right therefore rest on a base. It’s quite a different story with the Citation Latitude. A flat floor awaits guests and gives them a truly generous sense of spaciousness.

First aircraft in use from 2016

The first aircraft of this type are expected in Europe in 2016. If you can’t wait until then to enjoy the comfort of a large cabin, we recommend the Citation XLS, for example. Also for up to eight guests, it reaches a cabin height of approx. 1.73 metres. Its central aisle is low-lying but very comfortable nonetheless.

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