Global 7000 and 8000: Light, airy and luxurious

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Picture: Bombardier


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Sometimes it’s the small details that make something valuable even more attractive. This is exactly the case with the latest generation of Global private jets. At the EBACE we had the chance to experience a 1:1 model that on first glance wasn’t all that different from its predecessors. But that was before we stepped into the new cabin.

The Global 5000 and 6000 have already been setting standards in their segment. The ability to fly between continents, large cabins, space for up to 13 passengers – travel at the highest level. The manufacturer Bombardier thought there was potential to build upon this success. They decided the models merely needed to evolve in terms of style rather than undergoing a complete reinvention.

The Global 7000 and 8000 are the latest versions of the jet. In terms of length, width and height, they are similar to their predecessors. However, the cabins are much more luxurious and generous in terms of space. Here’s one of the manufacturers little secrets: They significantly increased the window size. In addition, many new materials and a whole new generation of engines was installed.

The result once again sets new standards. The 14,000 kilometre plus range of the Global 8000 is more than any other private jet in the world. The first Global jet in the new generation will enter into service as soon as 2016.

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Dietmar Herre

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