Innovative and bold: the new low-noise jet by Honda

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Picture: Honda

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This design is rather surprising. As if on stilts, the HondaJet’s engines are placed high over the wings. An unusual set-up that drew a lot of attention at the EBACE. This brings substantial advantages for the passengers on board. We’ll explain what we mean.

The HondaJet has come a long way. The car manufacturer already started development in the 80s. The engines were a particular focus. In order to optimise them, Honda began partnerships with other manufacturers and got universities involved. A lengthy process. But in 2003 the big day arrived and the HondaJet took off on its maiden flight.

What’s different about these engines? The arrangement on vertical stabilisers assembled above the wings is particularly eye-catching. As a result, they aren’t directly connected to the fuselage. For the guests on board this means less noise and vibrations. A real added comfort factor which leads many experts to even describe the aircraft as a low-noise jet.

The HondaJet is currently in the final certification phase. You will soon be able to discover the advantages of this type of aircraft for yourself. But other so-called very light jet models score points with particularly quiet cabins – for example, the Phenom 100. We are happy to help you.

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Dietmar Herre

Senior Client Service Manager
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