CO2 Calculator: At last – transparency for private jets as well

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News: CO2 Calculator: At last – transparency for private jets as well

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Do you wish to demonstrate responsibility for the environment? In that case you're setting a good example. But how exactly? For instance, with Pro Sky's new CO2 calculator, fully tailored to private jets for the first time.

You need to know the exact environmental impact of your travels in order to specifically offset it. Calculating this for private jets has been by no means easy up to now. After all, special data is required that cannot be compared with regular scheduled flights. A gap now filled by Pro Sky with its new tool: Here it's all about private jets.

Fully tailored to private jets for the first time

The big advantage of Pro Sky's CO2 calculator lies in the detail – strictly speaking, in the type of aircraft chosen. It makes quite a difference whether you fly in a Citation CJ1 or an XLS. Sample calculation (here, the result highlights the offset of the entire aircraft):

  Cessna Citation Jet CJ1 Cessna Citation XLS
Routing CGN Cologne/Bonn – ZRH Zurich CGN Cologne/Bonn – ZRH Zurich
Passengers 5-6 8-9
Flight distance 443 km 443 km
Max. flight altitude 11.342 m 12.145 m
Carbon emissions 1.650 kg 5.262 kg
Climate contribution  38 euros 122 euros

Along with parameters such as the distance flown, Pro Sky's CO2 calculator also takes into account the individual performance values of each jet. This makes results even more precise and easier to compare. 

Directly offsetting emissions 

Two strong partners have brought together all their know-how for the calculations: Pro Sky and atmosfair. For many years, the climate protection organisation has been deeply committed to dealing with the environmental impact of flying. A further advantage of this collaboration: You can directly offset emissions. 


What does "offset" mean?
Flight passengers pay a voluntary climate protection contribution for CO2 compensation depending on their emissions. This financial contribution is used by atmosfair to expand renewable energy in developing countries. This saves CO2 that would otherwise have been generated there through fossil fuels. 

It is particularly important for sustainability to support projects that also help the local population. For instance, energy-efficient cookers in Nigerian villages. These ovens use around 80% less firewood. This benefits the local people, who save both energy and money. It also lessens the burden on the local environment. An oven, for example, can be funded with a climate contribution of approx. 70 euros.

Now try it for yourself >> CO2 calculator