Case Study: A Mongolian-style changeover in Frankfurt

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Group Flight Pro Sky from Mongolia on Scheduled flights

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We are often asked when it actually makes sense to have a PRO SKY Flight Manager on scheduled flights. More than likely when you have to change flights. For example, on a trip from Mongolia to Valencia via Frankfurt with 84 guests. A report on our experience.

It can prove challenging when groups have to change flights at an airport – even when the change is between airlines belonging to the same alliance. However, things get considerably more complex when two airlines that don’t directly cooperate with each other are involved. For example, MIAT Mongolian Airlines and Lufthansa. Pro Sky faced this very challenge recently. Eighty four passengers had to travel from Ulaanbaatar to an event in Valencia. The PRO SKY Flight Manager certainly had their hands full with the transfer in Frankfurt.

Hands full in Frankfurt

For instance, the passengers were meant to use the check-in terminals for their onward flight boarding cards. However, even just one individual passenger needed several minutes for this procedure, since all passport information had to be entered. But the group was able to change to Lufthansa’s transfer counter thanks to our Flight Manager. Within 15 minutes all the passengers had got their hands on their boarding cards. At the same time, our Flight Manager arranged for the group’s luggage information to be entered into the Lufthansa system. This ensured that all luggage was loaded onto the connecting flight.