Relevant event destinations in 2016

Which European countries/regions are particulary relevant to your projects in 2016? (Multiple answers possible)

Tags: MICE

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Through our PRO SKY Destination Report, we gave event planners the opportunity to choose their most relevant European countries and cities for projects in 2016. We highlight the main results.

The 2016 edition of the Report draws on responses to our fifth annual survey of event planners who share their thoughts on these and other industry matters. This year, our online questionnaire prompted 226 responses from agencies and companies in Germany (42%), France (27%), Switzerland (16%) and elsewhere in Europe (14%). We asked which European countries and cities would be particularly relevant to survey participants' projects during 2016 and allowed them to provide multiple answers.


Country comparison: the duel between Spain and Germany

The leading destination options for 2016 are Spain and Germany, with 48% each; Italy and Portugal, with 30% each; and France, with 29%. Of these destinations, only Spain rose in the rankings from its 2015 position. Portugal and Germany were flat, while Italy and France netted a significant drop in votes. The impact of the terrorist attacks in Paris doubtless contributed to the change in France's ranking. But there was also a 9% increase in interest in countries that fell into the "other" category, which suggests that event planners and their clients are interested in broadening their horizons to less familiar destinations. MICE industry professionals' growing interest in seeking out new, different, and unusual locations is a trend that bears monitoring during the coming year.


Barcelona, Berlin and Libon in the lead

When we asked participants to narrow their focus from countries or regions to cities-again allowing for multiple answers-the top choices were largely unchanged from 2015. Barcelona and Berlin, the most popular city destinations last year, led with 41% and 36%, respectively. Lisbon won 34% of votes, as it did in 2015, but moved into the top three as London and Paris lost ground. Istanbul suffered the most precipitous drop in rankings, from 29% in 2015 to 8% this year (a change of 21%). London and Vienna rounded out the top five.


Are you interested in reading the full report with even more inspiring insights? You can request the analysis in PDF form via email to Quentin Rouxel.