In Scandinavia, history and modern convenience combine to set the stage for memorable events

Photo: The Viking Ship Museum

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Scandinavia offers impeccable design, contemporary style, impeccable service — and proximity to towns where you can immerse yourself in Viking history. It’s a unique cultural experience.

From their capital cities to off-the-beaten-track locales, Scandinavian countries are increasingly popular as MICE destinations. Visitors enjoy the opportunity to be transported in time to the Viking era — without sacrificing the contemporary comforts and standards of service that are essential to any successful event. Unique, memorable options include:


 Photo: The Viking Ship Museum

Denmark. A short train ride takes you from Copenhagen, with its trendy shops and restaurants, hotels and meeting facilities, to the harbor town of Roskilde. There, on the waterfront of Roskilde Fjord, you’ll find the sea craft housed in the Viking Ship Museum. What would it have been like to set sail on one of those vessels? You don’t need to wonder. The Museum has reconstructed Viking ships that are available from May 1 – September 30 for one- and two-hour excursions. Visiting groups can also arrange events to be held at the Museum and with possible inclusion of lectures, guided tours, meals, extra opening hours and more.




Iceland. This island nation is home to what we could call the oldest conference center on the planet. The open-air Althing, established in 930 as the world’s first parliament, hosted representatives from throughout the country until 1798. Today, its archaeological remains are part of the landscape at Thingvellir National Park, where activities include hiking, horseback riding, fishing, and diving in a spectacular natural environment. The park, a World Heritage site, offers “insight into how a Viking Age pioneer community organized its society from scratch and evolved towards the modern world,” UNESCO says. Visitors who come to Reykjavik for meetings or events can explore the park on day trips or as part of Iceland’s “Golden Circle” tour.




Sweden. Here, you can find modern facilities and ancient structures integrated in a single location. More than 90% of the buildings in the city center of Visby, on Gotland Island, are at least 200 years old. The Visby congress and event center was constructed in 2007, but Niclas Bylund, CEO of Hansa Incoming, notes that four- and five-star hotels built within structures that date to the Middle Ages can accommodate up to 400 meeting attendees. The harbor community is enclosed by a fortification wall that dates to the era of the Hanseatic League, and it is home to a medieval cathedral where services are held to this day. The city center is accessible via a six-minute transfer from the airport, and beyond the living history preserved in Visby, visitors will find the island marked by expanses of exceptional natural beauty.


“It’s exciting to have a chance to see history with your own eyes,” says Pro Sky Founder and CEO Armin Truger. “Visitors to these lands can live for a few days within the Viking era as it intertwines with the modern world. These attractions, combined with a high standard of service, are generating increased interest in Scandinavia among MICE professionals.”


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