Airport Codes Which make the Aviation World Chuckle

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News: Airport Codes Which make the Aviation World Chuckle

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IATA Codes Keep Passengers in Good Humor

Has a flight ever left you in AWE?

That’s what will happen when you deplane at Gabon’s Alowe Airport, the gateway to Wonga-Wongue Reserve. Home to forest elephants, buffalo, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, panthers, antelope, and other wildlife, the park is awesome. But you’ll be in AWE  as soon as you enter the terminal, because that’s the airport’s IATA code.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a seasoned traveler who has taken off or landed at many airports. Have you been to ALL ? The answer is yes if you’ve traveled through Italy’s Villanova D'Albenga International.

Your family is well-traveled, too. DAD  is in Vietnam’s Da Nang International, but MOM  is in Letfotar Airport in Mauritania, and SIS is in South Africa’s Sishen Airport. Don’t forget your BRO. He’s at Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport in Texas, not far from the U.S.-Mexico border.

During the Cold War, SEX was an important topic: The Sempbach Air Base in Germany was a military aiport for teh US Air Force until 1995.

If your reaction to that is OMG — well, yes, you can fly there (Omega Airport in Namibia), too. In fact, many of your favorite social media abbreviations are IATA codes: from LOL  (Derby Field in the U.S. state of Nevada) to BRB  (Brazil’s Barreirinhas Airport) to SMH (Sapmanga Airport in Papua New Guinea). It’s enough to make you quote Homer Simpson. And you can—because Quatar’s Doha International Airport is known as DOH!

See those destinations for yourself

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