Stuck in the Middle with... Comfort?

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News: Stuck in the Middle with... Comfort?

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A long working day, the stressful rush to the airport and the big disappointment – you are assigned to the airplane’s middle seat. The new design idea of Molon Labe aims to turn the most unpopular seat to the travelers’ most wanted.

What could turn your business trip into a nightmare? Next to unforeseen difficulties at work or losing time in a traffic jam, some may refer to one of the biggest comfort issues in air travel: the middle seat. Stuck between two other passengers, limited leg space and if you are especially unlucky, your neighbor from the window seat might want to visit the facilities during the flight several times.

A well-known scenario for frequent flyers, but one design might be the idea that brings the revolution for comfortable flying.

Spacious, Efficient, Available

These words are the best to describe the “Staggered Design” of Molon Labe, a Colorado based aviation design Company, which recently presented its invention during the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

The prototype offers the following benefits:

  • The width of the middle seat becomes wider
  • Dedicated armrest in Supracor foam
  • Wider aisle in case middle seat isn’t needed

Take a look at Molon Labe’s innovative design and decide for yourself - is the middle seat really that bad?