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Event planners have to consider various factors when choosing a destination. The PRO SKY Destination Report 2017 reveals the most important criteria that, according to MICE experts, make a location perfectly suitable for group travel.

This category of the PRO SKY Destination Report 2017 features an unbeaten champion:

Accessibility makes all the difference when it comes to selecting the most convenient event location. The significant increase of 14% shows that the trend remains stable and will stay an important factor in the future.

Europe’s MICE experts also claim that a good price-performance ratio is important for the decision-making process. The more unique a destination is, the greater the likelihood of an event, while the budget should not be stretched.


While reaching a destination in the quickest and most convenient way still is the top criterion for choosing a city or country, trends show that its top position in the charts is under threat.

With a remarkable increase of 40%, event planners revealed that the importance of safety is growing significantly. Criteria such as political and economic stability have a huge impact on the decision-making process.

What are the results concerning climate, on-site activities and infrastructure?

Find the answers in the full PRO SKY Destination Report 2017