Modern Luxury has reached the World of Private Travel

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News: Modern Luxury has reached the World of Private Travel

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This year’s ABACE in Shanghai celebrated a revolutionary highlight: Lufthansa Technik, in cooperation with Mercedes Benz, takes luxury travel to another level. Get a first look at the new VIP Aircraft cabin, which combines comfort with innovative design.

A little test for your imagination:

High-quality, genuine leather, personalized displays and luxurious comfort – these features demonstrate the effort made by Mercedes-Benz to give its customers the highest standard of transportation. What if you could enjoy the same luxurious moments up in the air?

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Sensual SHAPES meet High – End Technology

The new Mercedes-Benz Style VIP aircraft cabin reinvents the possibilities for luxury travel. Intelligent designs separate the aircraft into cozy private spaces and “miniature living rooms”. Time flies in an “open bedroom” with the comfort of a luxurious king-size bed. The warm and welcoming ambience, created by precious woods and leathers, gives passengers the feeling of being at home, while enjoying their flight together with family and friends.

The highly innovative displays show continuously updated, real-time flight information, tailored to each customer.

The aircraft contains all the facilities that one would expected from a 5-star hotel:

  • Open entrée
  • Kitchen galley for live cooking
  • VIP bathroom
  • Entertainment zone with an en-suite private area


The usual airline configuration allows 150 passengers to take a seat on the aircraft, while the new design is intended for 16 VIP passengers. The Mercedes-Benz cabin is already available and suitable for all aircraft types made by Boeing and Airbus. Nevertheless, this specific extra is limited to a maximum of five aircraft.

Are you ready for the future of private travel?



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