Travel Gadgets and Gear: The Luggage Leash

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News: Travel Gadgets and Gear: The Luggage Leash

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What is new in 2017? Travel gadgets and accessories aim to make travelers' life easier. Today we start with LEASH IT. This Bluetooth device keeps track of your luggage for you.

The plane lands, and the adventures begin.

On the best trips, those adventures are sources of happiness. Bonds with colleagues and customers are strengthened. Newly discovered cuisines awaken your taste buds. Unfamiliar sights and sounds inspire a fresh appreciation of the world.

But there’s one adventure no one wants to experience: the one that leaves you staring at an empty baggage carousel after everyone else has collected their luggage. That’s equally true if you’re a MICE professional: it takes just one missing bag to throw the entire group’s journey off its tracks.



Powered by Bluetooth and GPS technology, the Luggage Leash takes the suspense out of waiting to be reunited with everything you packed for your trip. Placed anywhere inside your luggage, the Leash signals you via a downloaded app as your bag is approaching the carousel. From that point, you can track its progress toward you via a countdown that ends when the luggage is within arm’s reach.

The device can be used to deter theft, as well, by issuing notifications if anyone attempts to walk away with your luggage. And the app is networked into a worldwide community of users who can notify you if they find your lost or stolen bag. The Luggage Leash is sold in retail stores in Australia and the United Kingdom and is sold online. For additional information, use the contact form on the manufacturer’s website.

You have enough to think about when you’re traveling. Isn’t it nice to know that with a little technological help, your bags can take care of themselves and take one worry off your mind?

And don’t forget that your Pro Sky Flight Manager is always available to help navigate any challenges that arrive during a trip. Visit our website for a reminder of the services we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about how we can serve your specific needs.