Kick off for the Brazil vs. Russia friendly match!

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News: Kick off for the Brazil vs. Russia friendly match!

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Only three months before the final draw in December, which will decide which teams have to face each other in the world’s most popular football festival, Pro Sky is hosting an exciting extra competition.

In 2014, we were delighted to fly 10.500 passengers all over Brazil, which proved both our expertise and our passion for major sports projects. With regard to Russia 2018, we would like to make a direct comparison of which challenges might already be areas of expertise for us and which ones would be new. So let the game commence!


Take a guess – which country is bigger? The answer is rather surprising: Although Brazil’s land mass is half the size of Russia’s, its population is 44 percent greater. Both countries are mostly inhabited in urban areas (74 percent in Russia and 86 percent in Brazil), so each includes immense areas of wilderness. Have you ever considered a stroll through the rain forest or a husky tour through the Russian taiga?

Brazil’s territory is smaller than its eastern opponent’s but bigger in terms of population. Let’s call it a draw!


What’s top of a passionate fan’s wish list after supporting their team in a suspenseful match? It’s just a guess, but we reckon that some might answer “a cold pint of beer and a burger”. To make sure you have prepared your pocket money for match day, here is a small price overview, comparing the host cities of 2014 and 2018:

  • Big Mac (McDonald’s): Brazil 4.30 EUR – Russia 2 EUR
  • Beer in a local pub (0.33cl): Brazil 1 EUR – Russia 1.50 EUR

But what about local specialties? Both countries are well-known for their delicious national meals – do you know which ones we are keeping an eye out for? Here they are!

  • Brazil: Feijoada is a stew made out of beans, meat and several spices. Average price: 11 EUR per person
  • Russia: Borsch is a soup based on red beet, mixed with meat. Average price: 1,45 EUR per person

A good meal gets even better with the right beverage. Those countries’ local liquors have already become popular worldwide in a variety of cocktails and long drinks.

  • Brazil: Cachaça, average price for 1L: 11 EUR  
  • Russia: Vodka, average price for 1L: 9 EUR

It’s neck and neck, but in the end Russia wins the race. Off to the next round!


After having a look at the landscape and getting a quick taste of the local dishes, we now move on to the main question: How reachable are those destinations? Which regulations does a traveler have to consider when booking a flight? Here’s what you need to know:

In general, European visitors do not require a visa for crossing Brazil’s borders. Though Russia usually has this restriction in place, you can rest assured for 2018. Every traveler in possession of a ticket for any match has to register for the FAN ID, which allows them to travel freely through the country during the football festival.


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Are you planning to base yourself in Moscow? Then we’ve got good news for you! Starting from the capital, you can reach each of the 11 host cities via direct flights. Fans who travelled from Rio in 2014 could only get to 9 out of 12 venue airports directly.

Both countries restrict domestic flights to national airlines. There is significantly more competition for aviation business in Russia, which is home to more than 20 commercial airlines versus Brazil’s six.


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Even though Brazil allows passengers an easier travel experience in terms of visa regulations throughout the year, Russia has more operators on the airline market and therefore convenient connections to all host cities.


So, what’s left to compare is the countries’ past success in this unique sport. Russia has yet to win a World Cup title, whilst Brazil holds five.

With just one more result, we can announce the lucky winner. Russia takes the prize! Is this going to be the final result? We will find out once the last aircraft takes off to the biggest football event of 2018. Stay tuned!