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News: Travel Gadgets and Gear: The Airhook

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Which travel gadget will make your journey even greater? Today, the Airhook can already help you to experience a better flight.

This tray table alternative helps you sit smart in flight

What poses the greatest risk during a flight: is it takeoff, landing, or those times when the pilot tells you to remain seated because of turbulence? As a seasoned traveler, you know the answer is “none of the above.” The most dangerous time on a plane is when you have your tray table in use.

There’s the passenger seated in front of you, who reclines suddenly and impales you on your own computer. Count ergonomics as your enemy, too: the tray height and its angle to the seatback seem designed to cause eye strain or hand cramps. And can you really count on that shallow indentation in the tray to keep your drink steady, out of your lap, and away from your keyboard?

The Airhook promises to protect you from these perils. It anchors to the top of your tray while it’s in the locked, upright position. Once installed, it gives you an eye-level ledge to hold your mobile device and, beneath that, a secure cup holder. You can reclaim your seat space, move your hands and arms freely without dropping or spilling anything, and cross your legs without hitting the underside of your tray table.



The Airhook is available to groups at a discount: 5% for 3-5; 10% for 6-9; and 15% for 10 or more. MICE professionals with groups of 25 or more can request information about additional discounts, and the company makes branding options available, as well. To inquire about branding or discount offers, use the contact form on the company’s website.



Would you be interested in having this or a similar product offered by Pro Sky as part of a package of in-cabin amenities provided for your flight? Let us know—we always appreciate your input on things we can do to improve your travel experience.