Privacy, Perfected - The market’s newest VIPJs (very impressive private jets) take VIP travel to new heights

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News: Privacy, Perfected - The market’s newest VIPJs (very impressive private jets) take VIP travel to new heights

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For people who have never experienced it, travel by private jet conjures images of glamour, celebrity, and Champagne at 30,000 feet. It’s seen as the ultimate sign of success for people who can say “money is no object” and mean it. But the VIPs who actually rely on private jets know there’s more to this mode of transportation than amenities and luxuries. From environmentally friendly innovation to advanced connectivity on board, private jets continue to set new standards of air travel.

Privilege and priorities

Corporate executives, government officials, and royalty depend on private jets to provide create secure, neutral airborne spaces that promote efficiency and help produce results. Here, VIPs can engage in game-changing business deals, trade treaties, and diplomatic negotiations in these aircraft without having to guard against public scrutiny or premature media attention.

For VIP individuals, couples, and families, private jets create an equally essential oasis. They guard against unwanted attention and afford true seclusion for people who find themselves too constantly in the spotlight.


Airborne sanctuaries

In developing next-generation private jets, aircraft manufacturers cater to those realities and priorities. Of course, their latest aircraft also feature cutting-edge technological amenities, comforts, and amenities. But their top priority is meeting the real-life needs of actual VIPs, not mirroring cinematic fantasies of private jet travel.

“Pro Sky monitors aviation industry developments that elevate the caliber of flying experience available to our VIP clients,” says Fabrice Koeb, Managing Director Pro Sky Switzerland. “By constantly augmenting our knowledge of the market, we equip our team with the information necessary to deliver consistently superior service. When client expectations are high, we see the opportunity to perform at our best.”


This year, the aircraft launches that have impressed us most (and will serve the VIP private jet sector best) include:  

Bombardier Global 7000 Cessna Citation Longitude Gulfstream G650     
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“Every private jet makes a statement about the person or entity traveling in it,” says Fabrice Koeb, Managing Director Pro Sky Switzerland. “These latest innovations demonstrate values, not merely privilege. Whether your greatest commitment is to confidentiality or to conservation, these aircraft offer you new opportunities to integrate your integrity and principles with your requirements for private jet travel.”


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