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News: VIP new Private Jets // Cessna Citation Longitude

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VIP aircraft manufacturers are constantly innovating in order to meet their customers' expectations and to answer some new challenges related to performance, security or environmental issues. Today, we focus on the new Cessna Citation Longitude.

a giant in the industry, a rookie in this category

This aircraft is the new market entrant among super-midsize business jets, and the company is promising best-in-class range, payload, and cruise speed along with a quieter interior that any of its competitors. The interior can be outfitted with standard or side-facing seating, and another optional configuration includes a sofa. These flexible layout options allow for optimal interaction and productivity while in flight.


Image source: http://cessna.txtav.com/citation/longitude#specs


The Citation Longitude is also an industry leader in fuel efficiency, an element of performance that supports corporate social responsibility missions that include a reduced carbon footprint. It gains this advantage through use of dual Honeywell HTF7700L turbofan engines. And the company has clocked the longest maintenance intervals of any aircraft in this class: 800 hours or 18 months. Full specifications are available here.

Image source: http://cessna.txtav.com/citation/longitude#specs

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