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For burning adrenalin or chilling in an icy landscape, Swedish Lapland is the go-to group destination


“Let’s go someplace different this year.”

It’s a common desire: the wish to see something new, to visit a place unlike those where we’ve already spent time. But MICE groups that have already been to Swedish Lapland seek a new experience by returning to the region, one of only seven places on the planet where you can catch a glimpse of Artic life.

After a visit to the mountains, they’re eager to explore the coastline. After experiencing a Swedish Lapland summer, they want a taste of Artic winter delights. And vice versa. Cecilia Vikström, Marketing Manager for MICE at the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board, points out that the region occupies 25% of Swedish terrain. It’s impossible to see or do everything there in a single trip, and the diversity of places and activities that remain to explore leave many visitors hungry for a return.

What makes now the right time to plan a MICE excursion to Swedish Lapland?

One-of-a-kind accommodations

Since 2016, the famous Ice Hotel has been open to guests all year?

“Many people don’t know that yet,” Vikström says. The Tree Hotel is another popular option.

Arctic adventures, year-round

Although she was born and raised in the region, Vikström never tires of its natural wonders, such as the winter’s northern lights and summer’s 100 days of midnight sun.

“The most beautiful thing in our region is the contrast,” she says. “In summer, you can canoe, hike, and even sunbathe on the beach in the middle of the night. In the winter, there’s snowmobiling and ice riding.

Get to know the locals

“The focus we have here is the people and the culture,” Vikström says. “We invite guests to experience our way of living, and most people who come here say that’s the best thing.” And you can spend time with the non-human residents, too, at a “wilderness camp” that offers something like a Scandinavian safari where you can see animals in their natural environment and camp overnight. Vikström favors that location for leadership groups because there’s no electricity or Wi-Fi. “You need to talk, and I like that.”   

She considers 30-50 ideal because some activities, like going out on a hovercraft, are best suited to smaller groups, who also benefit from more individual contact with their hosts. But she has welcomed groups of up to 250 people. Whatever the group size, and whatever the season, there’s always another reason to visit Swedish Lapland.


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How could a weekend at the polar circle look like?

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