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When you need to make a good impression, it’s essential to arrive at important meetings looking your best. This portable iron is designed to keep your clothes as crisply pressed as your colleagues and clients expect—so you can focus on work without being distracted by your wardrobe.

This travel iron folds and keeps your clothing crease-free

Being a genius has its perks—even where fashion is concerned. When you think of Albert Einstein’s appearance, you probably recall rumpled clothes and disheveled hair. It was a look that worked for him: people saw it as proof that he was so absorbed in great scientific ideas that he had no time for concerns about his appearance.

For the rest of us, being a sharp dresser creates a competitive edge in business meetings, conferences, and events. But hours in a suitcase don’t leave clothing looking crisp and ready to stand out (not in a good way, in any case). And it never fails: the more urgent your need to borrow an iron and ironing board, the more likely it is that they’ll all be out on loan to other guests at the hotel.

Now there’s a portable solution. Called CollarPerfect, it’s a pocket-sized device can be used as a standard flat iron or with its convertible “wings” facing each other to make fast work of taking the creases out of collars, pockets, and cuffs. The rotating power cord allows you to attack those wrinkles from the most effective angle, and its five temperature settings adjust to the needs of any fabric in your travel wardrobe.


Picture source: www.collarperfect.com

CollarPerfect comes with its own lined travel bag. And it’s a dual-voltage iron, so you can tuck it into your luggage no matter where you’re headed without having to worry about 110V versus 220V compatibility issues. You can purchase this product direct from the manufacturer’s website or from other online retail outlets, or email sales@collarperfect.com to inquire about volume discounts for MICE groups.



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