Cruise industry – Quiz: Test your knowledge on the latest trends

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News: Cruise industry – Quiz: Test your knowledge on the latest trends

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We sailed through an ocean of data on cruise industry trends. From what the “typical” passenger looks like to what’s available on board the newest ships, the latest information may surprise you. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the cruise industry and the opportunities it presents.

When you picture cruise passengers, what do you see? Retirees and young families? Couples and singles? Experienced travelers and those making their first voyage abroad? Add to the mix history buffs, lovers of luxury, adventure seekers, people who need a little downtime, oenophiles and foodies…and pretty much everyone else.

The cruise industry is gaining popularity, and to keep the trend going, it’s developing ships, itineraries, and onboard experiences to suit every taste and preference.



To gauge how well the public is responding, answer our first question: Which is the largest number?


  • A. The population of Australia
  • B. The population of Taiwan
  • C. The populations of New York City, Moscow, and Berlin combined
  • D. The number of passengers globally who went on a cruise in 2016



The answer is D1. That’s an enormous market and a tremendous opportunity. But passengers see cruising as travel simplified, with one accommodation serving many destinations, and they expect to be pampered from start to finish. Organizing all the components of a river or ocean voyage and meeting those high expectations presents complex challenges, including precision synchronization of flight plans as well as arrival and departure logistics.

Pro Sky’s cruise services help ensure that the experience of traveling to and from the ship is as exceptional as the time spent on the water. And shipboard experiences are getting more extravagant with the launch of each new ship—which brings us to the second question.


According to Cruise Lines International Association, how much was invested in new ocean vessels during 2017?


  • A. USD 5.7 billion
  • B. USD 5.9 billion
  • C. USD 6.8 billion
  • D. USD 6.6 billion



The answer is C2. That’s an investment not just in shipbuilding, but in reimagining the activities and amenities on board. Among the latest showstoppers: rock wall climbing, zip lining, simulated skydiving, high-end cooking classes, and planetarium shows. Some ships even offer below-deck and interior cabins with virtual balconies whose views change in real time.

And getting back to topic of the cruise passenger profile, let’s not forget one important and growing group: Europeans.


In 2016, Cruise Industry News reported that total European cruise passengers were projected to reach 9.6 million annually in the coming decade. Here’s your third and final question: What happened to that projection in 2017?


  • A. It rose by 1.5 million to 11.1 million
  • B. It fell by 275,000 to 9.325 million
  • C. It rose by 725,000 to 10.325 million
  • D. It remained flat



The answer is A3. And that’s one more reason to work with a European company whose expertise parallels the challenges cruising can present. Perhaps you’re organizing an itinerary that requires transportation to a remote region or small harbor. From Greenland to the Salomon Islands, Pro Sky has been there and done that in support of cruise passengers.


Count on our experience negotiating with different countries and navigating unfamiliar cultures and ways of doing business to create a customized solution to your cruise planning challenges. We look forward to helping you make your next cruise a huge success. Contact us for more information.


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