MICE Trend Destination: Another view of Mallorca

News: MICE Trend Destination: Another view of Mallorca


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Mention Mallorca to most people, and the first thing they think of is an island where people are free to shed their inhibitions. But there’s another Mallorca that invites you to lose your preconceptions and discover a deeper, richer experience beyond the beaches and nightclubs. We offer insider tips on new ways to enjoy this always-popular destination—from cooking classes and artist studio visits to days spent riding mountain bikes or driving classic cars through spectacular, unforgettable terrain.

With nature, sports, and arts in focus, MICE groups returning to Mallorca can see it again for the first time  


With its bars, restaurants, concerts, and beach clubs, Mallorca has earned its place among the world’s most sought-after nightlife and party destinations. Timidity seems to be the only thing prohibited on this island, where celebration and revelry no know limits. Its popularity and proximity prompt many MICE groups to consider a return visit. But what else is there to make a visit to Mallorca memorable for those who have already done the party circuit?  

The answer may surprise you, because it has nothing to do with the latest exclusive club. In fact, this hot Mallorca trend is one you’re most likely to experience during daylight hours—or, in some cases, before sunrise rather than after sunset. And it offers MICE groups an unforgettable perspective on the island’s ability to get your adrenalin going without practicing your dance moves.  

Giulio Stix is Director of Group Sales for Italy and Mallorca at Belmond, which operates Belmond la Residencia, Pro Sky’s partner hotel in Mallorca. He offers these insider tips for making a return trip to the island as exciting and exceptional as your first visit.  


MICE experiences and explorations  

Drive of a lifetime.


Mallorca is home to a few companies that offer classic car rentals. Their mix of vintage automobiles and high-performance vehicles that can make you feel like a racecar driver on the roads that wind through the Tramuntana Mountains or along the coastline. “To experience Mallorca from a different point of view—on a high-octane level—I recommend taking to the open road to discover some of Europe’s most captivating scenery,” Stix says. He suggests making a pit stop in Escorca “for the spectacular view.”  

Pump up your heart rate.

Those mountains can be explored on two wheels (or two legs), as well. For MICE groups that enjoy athletics. Mallorca offers a variety of “interesting and challenging opportunities” that can suit individual preferences and levels of physical fitness.  

Stix notes that the island has “diverse topography and stunning scenery” along with another characteristic of particular interest to biking enthusiasts: “In the last five years, Mallorca has become home to many professional cyclists who choose the island for training.” The Belmond’s staff members “are in love with cycling,” too, and can recommend tour routes. One in particular, Joan Girona, is also director of the local cycling school and so is especially knowledgeable about the paths and roads through the Tramuntana Mountains. “And this area can cater to all levels of difficulty, so this is something that would attract a lot of people.”

That’s equally true for MICE group members who would rather give their hiking boots a workout. Whether they’re looking for serious cardio activity or a more relaxed nature walk, visitors can enjoy many hours exploring the local trails on foot. And photographers will have ample opportunities on those walks to capture memories of the stunning local landscapes.  


Food and drink: be sure to pack your appetite!  

To market, before sunrise.

The culinary arts are thriving in Mallorca, and Belmond la Residencia offers cooking classes for MICE groups. The day begins in the pre-dawn light of the local markets. This gives group members an opportunity “to really understand how to purchase what’s good,” Stix says. That puts an element of adventure in the equation, because while there are always many ingredients available, some are best purchased in a specific season. Choosing the class menu on any given day starts with selecting the finest available ingredients and then, under Chef Guillermo’s guidance, bringing them back to the hotel kitchen for a unique cooking experience.  

Tap into your artistic side.  

Belmond la Residencia is located in Deia and counts many artists among its neighbors. “So the latest trend is meeting some of the artists who have made Deia their home,” our guide to “insider” attractions advises. The area offers many opportunities for MICE groups to visit local artists’ studios and gain an appreciation of the connection and interaction between nature and artists on the island.  

In fact, three of those artists are in residence at the hotel: painter Alan Hydes, sculptor Joan Walder, and ceramicist Joanna Kuhne. Stix notes: “These three artists are happy to teach classes and to welcome art enthusiasts in their studios and follow their work while they are painting, sculpting, or crafting ceramics.”  



Of course, Mallorca’s beach clubs, bars, and late-night parties are all there for anyone to experience again. But Pro Sky’s partners at Belmond la Residencia offer an escape from the crowds and non-stop commotion, a chance to catch your breath and take a moment to savor peace and quiet in a beautiful, nature-filled setting. “On an island known for crazy parties, our value proposition has nothing to do with what Mallorca is known for in the mainstream,” Stix says. “Our hotel is located in an area where you might have already been, but staying here allows you to see that location from a completely different point of view.”  


How to reach Mallorca?  


When you’re starting to plan MICE travel to Mallorca or elsewhere, you can count on the Pro Sky team’s support in creating a memorable event. When it comes Mallorca, we have more than 117 projects under our belt and are always looking to go the extra mile for your journey. To explore our services and learn how our expertise can enhance your planning capacity, CONTACT US.

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