Football 2018: Samara - 400 years of History

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News: Football 2018: Samara - 400 years of History

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Singing crowds, bright lights and unnerving matches: the life of a passionate football fan during the World Cup might get hectic at times. Those who seek some time to relax will be positively surprised by Samara’s inspiring beaches at the Volga River.

“Kurumoch”, a name that is challenging to pronounce, indicates the city’s national airport. Its convenient aeroexpress reaches the city center within 75 minutes, and is just 20 km from the Samara Arena, the venue of the following matches:

  • Group E, 06/17/18       Costa Rica – Serbia
  • Group C, 06/21/18       Denmark – Australia
  • Group A, 06/25/18       Uruguay – Russia
  • Group H, 06/28/18       Senegal – Colombia

Samara is located at the middle reaches of the Volga River, which creates fantastic opportunities for sandy beaches and inspiring cruise trips. When walking down the promenade, you can take a glance at the Zhiguli Mountains, an important source for limestone.

Once you take a look around, you will notice the traditional architecture dating back to the 19th century. It is dominated by wooden houses with elaborate adornments.

However, the central railway station is the most astonishing sight of the city. Many tourists describe their first impressions of the building as almost extraterrestrial thanks to its modern style.

Source: progorodsamara.ru // pikabu.ru // tripadvisor.com

The highest railway station in Europe, reaching an altitude of 101 meters, grants capacity for 27,000 passengers. If you would like to look all across the city, you can climb up to the balcony and admire the incredible view from the top of the modern electric-blue glass building.


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