Football 2018: Sochi – Where Sport Meets Mystical Creatures

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News: Football 2018: Sochi – Where Sport Meets Mystical Creatures

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All eyes on Pyeongchang: The Winter games Olympics have come to an end, but we are keeping up the sporting spirit and taking you on a short journey to another former host of the Olympics. Find out more about Sochi’s airport in Pro Sky’s airport fact sheet and get a first insight into the city’s hotspots.

The international airport, which is located in the nearby city of Adler, has more than just traditional services for its passengers. Since February 2018, the restaurant “5 Ingredients” (in Russian “5 specij”) has been offering typical meals in “Sochi style”, so visitors can spend their waiting time with a cultural culinary experience. The venue is only 12 km away, so football fans won’t get too impatient during their travels!

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The Fisht stadium is going to host the following matches during the group phase:

  • Group B, 06/15            Portugal – Spain
  • Group G, 06/18           Belgium – Panama
  • Group F, 06/23            Germany – Sweden
  • Group C, 06/26            Australia – Peru

Since the Olympic Games in 2014, Sochi has boasted numerous options for sports fans: ski resorts, a Grand Prix Formula 1 stage and, most importantly, the Fisht stadium, which will welcome thousands of fans during this year’s football tournament.

However, not only sports lovers will rejoice in their time in the south-west of Russia. The landscape is enriched by the beautiful Caucasian mountains, which embrace the coast of the Black Sea. Those who love to spend some time in nature while taking a break from crowded stadiums could visit the Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve, a hotspot for eco-tourism with activities such as horse riding in the mountains.

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The period of the World Cup will take place during the summer season thus will be accompanied by hot weather – not to mention the excitement brought by star footballers raising the temperatures. For a short cool-down, you might enjoy some time off in the aqua park or under a tree in Sochi Park, which is not the usual sight you would expect. Once you enter the gates you will be beamed to another world: dragons, a fire phoenix and other mystical creatures welcome you to a totally unique adventure.


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