24 hours to organize a charter flight? Challenge accepted!

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News: 24 hours to organize a charter flight? Challenge accepted!

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When your client is known for precision and agility, you need to show off your own best moves. And that’s what Pro Sky did when it met the Prinzen-Garde’s need to organize an aircraft charter in less than 24 hours.

Timing and precision are everything to the Prinzen-Garde. The renowned stars of Carnival in Cologne are essential to the party atmosphere in the streets. But it takes hard work to have that much fun! Their moves are meticulously choreographed. There’s no room for error in execution of their acrobatic displays. And yet even under pressure, they keep smiling and celebrating with the rest of the crowd.

Last year, the Pro Sky team got the opportunity to emulate their agility. We didn’t have to audition for the corps, get fitted for costumes, or leap two meters into the air. Instead, our timing and precision were tested in the area we manage best: responding quickly to a request for aircraft charter travel arrangements.

How quickly? In this case, we had 24 hours to organize the flight. That takes a kind of choreography, too.

We coordinated efforts among our internal departments for Aircraft Charter and Airport and Inflight services as well as our airline partner. And it wasn’t just a matter of reserving an aircraft. Clients want certain onboard services, too, and those have to be arranged on short notice and included in the agreement. In this case, the Prinzen-Garde wanted Kölsch beer, the most popular drink during Carnival, available in the cabin.

Pictures: www.prinzen-garde.de // Dr. E. Bültel & Joachim Rieger

By 11:00 morning after we received the request, we submitted an offer for the client’s review, and four hours later, the contract was signed.

Not every event planner or travel manager needs next-day turnaround on their charter flight requests. But music and entertainment industry professionals need to be able to act on last-minute bookings. Group travel organizers need to be able to respond to unexpected changed that require a sudden shift in the itinerary.

And when you need a professional team to keep your group moving, Pro Sky is your partner. We’re not just experts in group flights. We’re also people who love a challenge. We can’t jump two meters into the air. But we do leap at every opportunity to meet your group travel requirements, even when you need everything done on short notice.


What can we do to make your life easier? Whether you’re dealing with complicated itineraries, requests for special services, or last-minute arrangements, we’re here to help. We’ll make sure everything gets taken care of on schedule and to your specifications. And we’ll deliver results worth celebrating.

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