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From the pitch to the court to the track, VIP sports fans arrive in style with Pro Sky !

Did you know that... Last year, a Swedish hypercar—the Koenigsegg Agera RS—set a new world record for speed. Driven on a closed public road in the U.S. state of Nevada, the car was recorded as hitting 278 miles (447 kilometers) per hour. We’ve come a long way from the world’s first auto race, held in 1895 and won by a driver who averaged 24.15 kilometers per hour. That’s slower than the average speeds achieved by most cyclists in today’s Tour de France.

Fortunately, in today’s fast-paced world, sports events offer considerably more excitement. And so do options for traveling to those competitions. As the summer sporting season gets underway, VIPs can choose between a variety of options, including private jets and helicopters, to make getting to events as memorable as attending.

Among the highlights we’re anticipating:

The European Formula 1 Grand Prix races, which got underway this month with the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain and continues throughout the summer in Monaco (late May), France and Austria (both June), England, Germany and Hungary (July), and Belgium and Italy (August and September).


World-class tennis tournaments, including Roland Garros (21 May–10 June) and Wimbledon (2-15 July).


And of course, football, with the biggest sporting event of the year taking place in the largest country of the world, starting on 14 June and ending on 15 July. (More information about all host cities during the tournament and how to get there here >> Airport Fact Sheet Russia)


Millions of fans throughout the world will follow these matches on television. But only a select few will enjoy the privilege of watching from the stands. And while it’s horseracing that’s known as “the sport of kings,” VIPs can arrive at these events in the style of royalty via private jet or helicopter. And the Pro Sky team is here to provide expert assistance in selecting and reserving these exclusive modes of travel.


For some trips, first class is inadequate.

Whether you’re organizing sport tours for VIP groups, arranging transport for your company’s senior executives and top clients, or exploring options for your personal travel, our team can help create a customized and unforgettable experience.

With our support, travel is as extraordinary an experience as being there to witness the performance of the world’s most exceptional athletes.

It begins with transport via limousine to a private terminal at the airport, where a private aircraft is waiting to be boarded. The party will settle comfortably into the cabin, dine on fine cuisine while en route, and discover some event-related merchandising in gift bags for their further enjoyment. Another limousine awaits at the destination for travel directly from the tarmac to the venue, and at the conclusion of the event, return travel by limousine and private jet brings the entire party back home. Whether it’s a one-day outing or an extended trip, the experience is remarkable.


Resources as exceptional as your expectations.

Pro Sky’s customized services simplify your search for the perfect aircraft. By providing a centralized resource for all the information you need and state-of-the-art pricing tools to allow you to compare and budget your options, we make it easy to organize VIP travel. And our services are customized to ensure that your choices support your business or personal travel objectives.

You’ll find every member of our team attuned to all your needs and priorities—including as much flexibility and discretion as you require to make each segment of travel a success. Count on our support during the summer season of sporting events and throughout the year any time you need to organize VIP travel. For more information, contact our dedicated VIP flights team by email >> VIPflights@pro-sky.com

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