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A dry throat isn’t just a sign of nerves before beginning an important presentation. It’s a symptom of being on the road…or in the air…or in a hotel room. Travel takes you to many places, and too often, the air in those places is uncomfortably dry. This portable humidifier comes to the rescue and lets you breathe easier throughout your trip.

Now you can add moist air to your list of must-have travel amenities

Travel can drive you to drink. It’s not just the last-minute gate changes, the battle for space in the overhead bins, or the little things you do to drive yourself crazy, like forgetting the keys in your pocket before you walk through the metal detector. No matter how great your thirst for travel, you get a thirst from travel. From long hauls in aircraft cabins to long nights spent in hotel rooms with windows that don’t open, travel can leave you dehydrated.

This gadget offers a more practical means of humidifying your room than leaving the shower running until every mirror is covered in steam. Sold by Travel Smart by Conair, it’s a USB-powered portable humidifier that you insert into a standard plastic water bottle. The water in the bottle is drawn up through the moisture wick and released into the air as mist over a five-hour period. Use it overnight to keep from drying out when you sleep. When you wake, you won’t need to guzzle a liter of water just to get going. You’ll want that first cup of coffee, just as you do at home.

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There’s even a nightlight to help you keep your bearings when you’re on the go from one hotel to another. And the product comes with its own travel bag for easy packing. The Travel Humidifier can be purchased direct from the Conair website or through other online retailers.

Video: https://www.conair.com/c/32f75/travel-humidifier/852

We love clever products like this that make travel easier and more pleasant. They remind us of our own mission. When you’re facing or anticipating challenges during a trip, remember that you can always count on your Pro Sky Flight Experts for support and solutions. Visit our website for a reminder of the services we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about how we can serve your specific needs.