FIND & FLY: organising group flights (finally) goes digital with PRO SKY!

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News: FIND & FLY: organising group flights (finally) goes digital with PRO SKY!

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With its unique new platform FIND & FLY, PRO SKY is shaking up industry codes by further simplifying the way in which events professionals organise air transport.

Are you ready to simplify the way you organise your group travel?

Available for free and accessible on any type of device (office computer, smartphone and tablet), this platform now offers a range of unprecedented functions:

  • Access to 100% of aviation solutions, no matter whether they are chartered or scheduled flights.
  • Budget estimate with one click. Get a precise idea of the costs associated with chartering an aircraft for your next projects.
  • Compare the options for chartering an aircraft with the solutions on scheduled flights for your group in no time. A brand new function!
  • Save valuable time when planning your event. Thanks to your personal account, you have access to the information you need at all times, no matter where you are! 

Like all of the innovations at PRO SKY, this new tool was designed to make daily life easier for those in charge of air logistics for their companies or their clients.





 “We hope to use the new technologies to allow a maximum number of people to benefit from all the expertise that we have already gained over more than 20 years,” explains Quentin ROUXEL, Head of International Marketing at PRO SKY.

Today, FIND & FLY gives its users more freedom than ever before. “According to our annual study, the PRO SKY Destination Report, 85% of MICE professionals in Europe consider the criterion of ‘accessibility’ to be essential when choosing the destination for their events. Our innovation now allows them to ideally plan their projects and decide on the final destination based on accessibility and the costs associated with air transport.”

The FIND & FLY platform has been online as a beta version since 28th March 2018, but PRO SKY maintains that it doesn’t just want to leave it at that. “We want to simplify the way that group flights are ‘consumed’, from the choice of destination to the selection of the best-adapted aviation solution, and much more!” concludes Quentin ROUXEL.

Visit https://findandfly.pro-sky.com