Bend It Like Pro Sky! For ticketholders to Russia 2018, our group flights team scored big.

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News: Bend It Like Pro Sky! For ticketholders to Russia 2018, our group flights team scored big.

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No matter who you were cheering for in Russia this summer, Pro Sky was on your team. We filled 3300 aircraft seats with fans from five continents and made sure they didn’t miss a moment of the action. Because we understand that ticketholders, like even the world’s best players, need support getting to the games.

3300 Goals. No Penalties. 

Which team did you want to go all the way this summer? Even if you were watching from home, the pressure was on. You had to remember the time difference between your city and all those places in Russia. If you invited your friends to watch at your place, you had to stock everyone’s favorite snacks and beverages. If you were streaming, you had to hope the screen wouldn’t freeze at a crucial moment.

The stakes were even higher for fans lucky enough to hold tickets to watch the games live. Getting from one city’s stadium to another takes precision planning in such a huge country. Think about it: Moscow is farther from St. Petersburg than Amsterdam is from Berlin. And there are more kilometers between Moscow and Samara than between Paris and Prague.

But believe us, traveling within the EU is much easier than flying to or within Russia. That’s why ticketholders, like players, needed support getting to the games.



No matter who you were cheering for, Pro Sky was on your team. From the start of the big event through the tournament match, we filled 3300 aircraft seats—2500 on chartered planes plus 800 for groups on scheduled flights—with fans headed to the stadiums. We brought them to Russia from Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, and Sweden. Then we kept them moving from one match to the next without a single foul.


When you’re dealing with a high volume of flights between so many locations in a compressed time frame, some delays are inevitable. And although some of the quirks of Russian airline and airport practices left us with stories that make us laugh now, they weren’t funny at the time. But we got through it all, and unlike the athletes on the pitch, we never let the fans see us sweat. And we got them to each destination with time to spare before the start of the match.

You could say our motto was: never say nyet! But then, we have a passion for managing group travel to major sports events. No one trains harder than we do for the competitions that mean the most to our clients. And we’ve got the game stats to prove it:

  • Before the competition: We visited and contacted host city airports in order to transfer valuable information to all our clients. You can see our  12 Russian Airports fact sheet here
  • During the competition:

• 9 different passenger nationalities (Danish, Mexican, German, French, Columbian, Brazilian, Swedish, Nigerian and Australian)

• 60% domestic flights between host cities // 40% international flights 

• 5 Aircraft types used for chartered flights

• 9 Airline partners for group on scheduled flights

Like all good champions, once we celebrated our win, we got right back into training for the next challenge.

Are you already thinking about travel to the hottest sporting events of 2019? So are we! Contact us by email or phone about your plans and learn how you can score your group travel goals by having Pro Sky on your team.

PS: Some colleagues enjoying the World Cup at work...