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News: MICE Trend Destination: Sweden


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How many countries can invite you to go sea-skating, enjoy a pub crawl or music club under the late-night sun, and discover the true meaning of “awesome” at the sight of the northern lights? How many offer comfortable accommodations tucked into an igloo, bird’s nest, or UFO? If you’re thinking “only Sweden,” you’re just beginning to realize how different and memorable a MICE outing to that country can be.

From Stockholm’s archipelago to the Arctic Circle, Sweden offers memorable experiences for every season and every MICE group  

Cosmopolitan sophistication and Scandinavian design. Breathtaking natural habitats and outdoor adventures. In the summer, months of sunny nights. And in the winter, the challenge and fun of ice sports. There’s no end to the memories MICE groups can make in Sweden. That’s why it’s included in our PRO SKY Destination Report 2018 as one of the most popular choices for MICE organizers.  


MICE experiences and explorations  

Picture 2 (right): Sanne Brannstrom

✈️ Stockholm has a capital city’s ambiance. Its streets brim with shops and cafes, and a walk through its streets is sure to include crossings over the pedestrian bridges that connect one island to the next. But with a population under one million, this metropolis is less crowded than many urban centers and runs at a more relaxed pace.  

✈️ Swedish Lapland represents 25% of the country’s territory and is one of only seven places in the world to experience Arctic life. But don’t let those wide open spaces fool you. If you think the northern region is just a place to chill, you haven’t heard how the locals here keep the “wild” in wilderness. Do you want to learn even more about Swedish Lapland? Feel free to check out our article " Fire and (M)ICE " and our dedicated website section.  


Pump up your heart rate  

Fitness al fresco is so popular in Stockholm that the city is home to 40 free public outdoor gyms. But you’ll find more than open-air workouts here. Summertime group tours available from Stockholm Outdoor include one- and two-day sailing excursions and two- and three-day kayaking adventures around the archipelago.  

And there’s no need to head indoors during the winter months. Although the hiking and biking trails, beach volleyball, and canoeing at Hellasgården (just 20 minutes from downtown) are popular in warm weather, the park offers its most adventurous activities when the temperatures drop. Will your group stick to ice skating and cross-country skiing? Or will its members dare to dive into the swimming hole cut in the ice?  

For another challenge, consider the guided single- and multi-day ice skating tours of the city and its surrounding waters. Plenty of MICE groups have enjoyed swimming in the sea. But your group can boast of having skated on the Baltic.  

Picture 1 (top left): Visit Stockholm visitstockholm.com

Not to be outdone, Swedish Lapland is home to a wilderness camp. “You go there by car or bus and enter an exhibition that consists of wild animals,” says Marketing Manager Cecilia Vikström of the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board. “You can see them in their natural environment. Then you go out to camp.”  

MICE groups eat at the camp, sleep in teepee heated by fire, and get a real break from the screen time and information overload that dominate most days in modern life. The camp is free of electricity and wifi, which creates an uninterrupted opportunity to reconnect with colleagues or customers and develop more meaningful relationships. “You all come together so close when you go out like that,” Vikstrom says. “You need to talk, and I like that.”  

A native of the region, she has never tired of the northern lights or the midnight sun. And she loves sharing activities like hiking and canoeing in the middle of a summer’s night or one of her winter favorites: driving a snowmobile.  


Food and drink: be sure to pack your appetite!  

After a day of outdoor activity, there’s nothing like…a night of outdoor activity. During the summer months, some of Stockholm’s most popular clubs give to meaning to the pub phrase “take it outside.” Grab a drink, enjoy the music, and take home memories of these open-air parties. And while the capital is home to several Michelin-starred restaurants, VisitStockholm.com notes with pride that in 2018, Frantzén became the city’s first to earn three stars. The tourism office offers this guide to “the stars on the Stockholm version of gastronomy heaven.”  


Hotels and meeting spaces  

Stockholm’s meeting infrastructure includes venues for large-scale events such as the City Conference Centre and Waterfront Congress Centre, each of which offer spaces that can accommodate 3000 participants. Spaces for smaller meetings are varied in style and personality, from Winterviken, housed in Alfred Nobel’s former factory, to event rooms at the Hard Rock Café. Visit Stockholm maintains a directory of meeting and conference venue options here.  

Picture 1 ( main left): Hardrockhotels Meeting Spaces www.hardrockhotels.com - Picture 2 (top right):City Conference Center Stockholm  http://www.stoccc.se/en - Picture 3 (bottom right):  Ice Hotel Cold Room www.icehotel.com

But you can go to any city and sleep in a hotel made of steel and concrete. In Swedish Lapland, MICE groups can find accommodations in the renowned Ice Hotel (which is now open year-round) or its rival, the Igloo Hotel, which is built of snow. Rounding out the popular and unusual options is the Tree Hotel, where accommodations are built in trees and feature such motifs as a bird’s nest and a UFO.  


With its focus on all-season appeal, Sweden is a great choice not only for first-time MICE group visitors, but also for those who are making a return trip. Whether the destination is Stockholm or Swedish Lapland, MICE groups can return to a familiar location and still have an entirely new experience in Sweden.  



How to reach SWEDEN  

Pro Sky can assist you in organizing your unforgettable travel experience in Sweden. When it comes to Sweden, we have more 428 projects under our belt. Pro Sky has even established an exlusive charter route from Stuttgart nonstop to Arvidsjaur and celebrates now it's third year in operations. To explore our services and learn how our expertise can help make your events Stockholm or Swedish Lapland a success, feel free to CONTACT US.

How do you envison your next aventure in Sweden? Get some inspiration with our video "Swedish Lapland - Make it Yours"




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