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Organizing an international event is not just about sending people to an amazing destination, but creating a unique environment in which participants can share, learn and form closer relationships in a relaxed leisure environment. With that in mind, event planners have to design programs that maximize the amount of the time the group spends together. Discover some amazing travel apps you can download in order to ensure you and your MICE group have the best trip imaginable.

Whether this is for an incentive trip to Barcelona, a product launch in Abu Dhabi or a convention in Singapour, event organizers need to be prepared for any type of situation in order to optimize the participants’ travel experience. Here is a list of 6 essential mobile applications that can support event planners in their travels all around the world and help them get the most out of their international events.


METRO – Optimize travel by public transport



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 Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS

If at some point you are planning to use public transportation for your group, be aware that managing various itineraries in a foreign country can sometimes be truly challenging. The mobile application METRO includes an impressive number of transport plans and will make sure that you remain one step ahead. This app significantly helps you to navigate any form of public transportation in more than 400 cities around the world.  


XE – Don’t be lost with foreign currencies



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Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS & Android 

If you travel to any international location with a MICE group, there is a high chance that you or some of the participants will have to deal with local currencies. Whether this is for some last-minute expenses or simply to purchase a souvenir in a local shop, it’s always helpful to have the possibility to instantly calculate the final cost in your own currency. You can convert more than 180 currencies with XE Converter, which even offers a regular ranking of the best currencies. Last but not least, this travel app can also be very useful for making changes at the most convenient time!  


WIFI FINDER – Stay connected



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 Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS & Android  

Despite organizing and participating in an event abroad, event organizers often need to stay connected to their colleagues and regularly check their e-mails. In our digital world, many smartphones with 4G can handle the task pretty easily. However, there are always some destinations where the use of your mobile data can quickly turn into a nightmare and result in a very expensive bill from your mobile operator. In such cases, using an application like Wi-Fi Finder can truly make a difference. With this travel app, you'll be able to easily and quickly find all the Wi-Fi access points (paid or free) during your travels.  


HOOTSUITE – Share your event highlights



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Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS & Android 

Event planners know that there are often tons of tweeting, posting, liking and sharing opportunities during international events in particular. Capturing and sharing all these special moments can significantly help you build your profile and further enhance your status as an event expert. You can use HOOTSUITE to easily manage all your social network accounts (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram) and share live all your event content. In addition, HOOTSUITE adapts your content automatically depending on the channel you select. The application even allows you to schedule posts in advance in order to better manage all the other aspects of your event.  


TOUCHNOTE – Keep in touch



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Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS & Android  

Using social media during your event is definitely a good way to communicate with a large audience. However, there is TOUCHNOTE if you want to communicate in a more personal way. This application turns your photos into thoughtful postcards that can be sent directly by post. The service is entirely automated and integrated with worldwide postage. This is a good opportunity to share your event highlights in a unique way with partners, clients or potential clients no matter where they are.  


AROUNDME – Spontaneity at its best



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Cost: Free                   Platforms: iOS & Android  

Ideal for organizing a little get-away at the last minute with your participants, AROUNDME will help you to bring spontaneity to your upcoming travels. So whether you’re in Barcelona, Dublin or Paris, this application provides simple access to local information. AROUNDME shows you various places in your area, including useful elements such as ATMs, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and many more. Once you find your next stop, you can use the app to show you the way and easily navigate to the venue.    


Are you looking for some more applications or even websites that can help you to better plan your next journey? Feel free to check out our article "Travel Gadgets and Gear: Apps and Websites".

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