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News: Extraordinary group excursions in your own aircraft

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VIP group travel is in a class by itself. And when your most demanding clients ask you to create a truly extraordinary travel experience—a round-the-world journey or an extended immersion into one region’s culture—your success depends on partnership with the team that’s done this before. For your clients, it will be a cruise over the clouds. And with Pro Sky’s support, you can cruise to success in planning it.

Whatever the itinerary, count on our team to meet your VIPs’ expectations.

You may be surprised to learn that the term jet set was coined in 1949, in an era when commercial air travel was still mostly by propeller plane. But being a member of the jet set isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing. Despite the nostalgia about the glamour of air travel back then, the reality didn’t always live up to the hype. One 1950s American Airlines route went from New York to Baltimore; Washington, DC; three cities in West Virginia (a state about equal in size to Croatia); Cincinnati; and Indianapolis before landing at its final destination, Chicago, six hours after the initial takeoff.

Modern travelers wouldn’t dream of booking an eight-stop flight. But multi-stop luxury itineraries are another matter. For elite groups, extended tours in your own aircraft can be unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime excursions, like a cruise over the clouds. These truly extraordinary VIP travel experiences require equally extraordinary effort to plan and execute. We know, because the teams in Pro Sky’s offices in France and Switzerland have worked with clients to turn these dreams into reality.

Circle the globe. Or dive deep into one continent.

With our support, you can deliver the same level of service to your VIP groups. Whether the plan is an around-the-world adventure or an in-depth exploration of one region, it’s a challenge to create an experience that will live up to VIPs’ highest expectations. The Pro Sky team’s role in the process is to provide the logistics support necessary to find the right aircraft for the voyage: one that is available during the chosen time period, suited to the itinerary and aligned with the client’s requirements.

Consumers of this caliber of travel are looking for meaningful and memorable contact with local cultures, exposure to nature phenomena that few people every get to access, or a more profound understanding of places and their history. They trust you to engage guides who are both consummate professionals and experts in the subject matter at the foundation of the trip’s theme. And they expect every detail of organization to be managed for them so that they can focus entirely on living and enjoying the experience.

At Pro Sky, we’ve supported the creation and execution of around-the world itineraries as well as journeys across the African continent. Planning for projects of this size and scope can begin 18 months before the departure date. When preparation is that complex, you need a reliable partner to ensure that you achieve the perfection that your clients demand. And no matter how lavish the travel dreams are, you can make it happen in partnership with our team.

Need the sun, moon, and stars? No problem!

In fact, you know the saying “the sky’s the limit”—well, it’s not the limit for Pro Sky. You can count on our support all the way to the stratosphere, because our team is fully committed to moving heaven and earth for your star clients. The result is a superlative experience for the VIP groups counting on you to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime journey.

You probably already know how our expertise and technology tools can help you identify the right aircraft to charter. But in addition to meeting your requirements for capacity and luxury on board, we offer services that further enhance travel in the highly specialized VIP segment, including such details as:

  • Securing all necessary permissions required so that the doctor engaged to accompany the group throughout its journey would be able to carry all medical equipment through security and into the cabin. This involves completing the approvals process required by authorities at each airport on the itinerary.
  • Design and production of printed menu cards for each destination. These details reinforce the feeling of privilege and of a truly unique experience both in flight and in anticipation of each new destination.
  • Exterior and interior aircraft branding to reinforce group members’ feeling of being aboard an aircraft that belongs to them and is customized to their needs and preferences.



Equally important, we’ll handle project management of details that would occupy time you’re better off devoting to working direct with your clients. For example, you’ll want to hire flight attendants who are fluent in guests’ native language. As an added special touch, you could request that they wear the traditional clothes of each destination visited. You’ll likely also contract a chef to prepare special meals that enhance the in-flight experience and serve as an extension of the places and cultures explored. Our team is at your disposal to ensure that those details are taken care of to your satisfaction, and thanks to our combination of experience and airline relationships, you can relinquish those responsibilities without stressing about them.

We inspire confidence and respect confidentiality.

Of course, we respect the confidentiality and privacy requirements of our past VIP groups, just as we will honor those needs when serving your clients. For that reason, we cannot reveal particulars of past itineraries here in print.

But we’d be delighted to speak with you, share the expertise we have developed through past projects, and perhaps provide you with the inspiration you need to create an itinerary that will wow the VIP group you’re serving. We can offer insights into dealing with these projects and offer a more detailed list of services aligned with your high-end group travel needs. And we’ll erase any doubts you may have about your ability to take on a project of this size. With our partnership, you can get it done—and we’ll do all our work in the background so that all credit goes to you.

For more information about how you can make a lasting impression on even your most demanding VIP group travel clients, contact us. Together, we can map out an itinerary that will wow even the most experienced high-end traveler.