7 Airports That Offer Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Your Layover

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7 Airports That Offer Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Your Layover

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Whether you’re looking for a way to melt the travel tension from your muscles, a chance to check out local culture, or a place to get an adrenaline rush, these airports have just what you need in transit.

Air travel isn’t just about departures, arrivals, and returns home. It’s about the full experience, including the experience in transit. Our team at Pro Sky does its best to minimize the amount of time you or your clients spend waiting for connecting flights, but sometimes, extended layovers are unavoidable. When that happens, we can leverage our relationships with airlines and airport operations offices to help make a plan for getting the most out of that time spent in the terminal. And you’ll be surprised to learn how many interesting, intriguing, and even exciting activities await you at airports around the world.


Go into the wild in Singapore  

Logo source: www.changiairport.com

Butterflies maneuver the skies without assistance from satnav, instrument panels, or air traffic controllers. But they do have their own terminal at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Terminal 3 is home to more than 1000 of the winged wonders—40 species in all. While you’re waiting for your connecting flight, you can reconnect with nature by admiring them as they flit from exotic blossoms to flowering plants in an enclosure whose backdrop includes a 7-meter waterfall. Save your paperback for the flight and make this your most magical layover.




Extreme sporting in Munich

Logo source: www.munich-airport.com

At any airport, you can tap into wi-fi and surf the web. But in the Bavarian capital, you can spend your layover hanging ten in the world’s largest artificial standing wave pool. There are instruction sessions for children and beginners, and the airport provides free boards, helmets, and wetsuits, so anyone with time to spare can get in on the action. And this action is not just for novices! These waves are challenging enough to appeal to experienced surfers and even professionals—in fact, the airport hosts an annual surfing competition. So even spectators can enjoy this amazing airport attraction.




Delighting fairway and film buffs in Hong Kong

Logo source: www.hongkongairport.com

At some airports, the walk from security to your gate can run a kilometer or more in length. If you’re a golfer, it’s tempting when standing at one end of a long corridor to daydream about teeing up and seeing how far you can drive a ball through the concourse. But in Hong Kong, you’re not limited to that daydream. The airport’s installations include a sprawling nine-hole golf course and a driving range, both USGA-approved. And that’s not the only big idea for keeping you happily occupied on layovers here. The airport also houses the city’s largest movie screen at its own IMAX Theater.



A new perspective on Old Masters in Amsterdam

Logo source: www.schiphol.nl

Just past security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands is a newly refurbished space between Lounges 2 and 3 known as Holland Boulevard. Here’s you’ll find the airport’s own branch of the Rijksmuseum, which is open 24 hours a day and offers free access to 17th-century paintings by Dutch masters of the canvas. To round out the cultural experience, Holland Boulevard also houses the NEMO Science Museum—filled with kid-friendly interactive exhibits—and a library. You’ll get a sense of having visited Amsterdam even before you leave the airport (or even if you’re there for a connection and don’t get to visit the city at all).



Massages, makeovers, matrimony, and more!

As these examples illustrate, there’s more to the contemporary airport experience than checking email, grabbing a snack, or picking up a magazine. And at terminals around the world, there are even more ways to enjoy a layover.

  • In Dubai, you can stretch your muscles in a yoga class or indulge in massages and other treatments in the Spa Center. People will wonder how you managed to arrive at your final destination looking so relaxed!    
  • There’s another form of bliss on offer at Frankfurt’s Am Main Airport, where a wedding chapel stands ready for couples who love spontaneity as much as they love travel. (You can also engage the services of the chapel’s wedding planner if your special day is less of a spur-of-the-moment event.)  
  • And in Sao Paulo, you can upgrade your smile by getting your teeth cleaned and whitened at the in-house dental facility at Guarulhos International Airport. Brazilians are known for their style and sex appeal, and this airport amenity gives you a chance to keep up with the locals.


Looking for more ways to add entertaining elements to your travel time? Pro Sky offers a comprehensive range of service upgrades and branding options at almost every aiport in the world and during the flight to help make your trip a complete succes. If you want to learn more about the ultimate travel experience, feel free to check our Airport & Infligt services. 

Of course, our team is also here to help create an itinerary that meets your requirements. You might even find that travel exceeds your expectations in the most unexpected places, including airports. For more information or to enlist our support in planning your next trip, CONTACT US.


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