What´s Your Best Group Flight Option?

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News: What´s Your Best Group Flight Option?

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Wherever your clients are going, you want to be their go-to expert in group and VIP flights. With Pro Sky’s tips and tools, you can instantly analyze the advantages of scheduled flights, aircraft charters, or a combination of the two. The result: options you can recommend with complete confidence.

Pro Sky’s 5 Tips Make You the Expert

As an event planner or travel manager responsible for organizing a big project, you need to be certain you’re offering the best advice to clients with high expectations. That can be challenging when you’re facing a multitude of possibilities among scheduled and chartered flights. How can you quickly and confidently make the right recommendation?

Pro Sky’s advice, tips, and tools help you maintain your reputation for presenting the best options and delivering the solutions that satisfy even the most demanding VIP and group flight clients.

That’s our mission: to help you achieve the ideal mix of travel time, airfare, and service. And, by extension, to show clients that you’re the ideal organizer for any project, no matter what size the group or what level of complexity is involve in the itinerary and logistics.




In general, for travel to corporate events within Europe, we recommend scheduled flights for groups of up to 40 passengers. For larger groups, it pays to make an intelligent analysis of scheduled and chartered flights. Main factors: travel time and airfare.   



When there’s a direct flight between your points of departure and arrival, you’ve hit the jackpot. But transfers can be costly, especially when they force an overnight layover. That increases travel time and expenses as it reduces work time and productivity. Each of these influences the true cost of transport.

Another factor to consider is the impact of supply and demand on the route your group has chosen. Is there strong or weak competition in those markets? Is the trip planned during a time of low or high occupancy? Each of these will affect ticket prices on scheduled flights, but aircraft charter rates are calculated on the cost per hour, regardless of capacity utilization.



Sometimes, you’ll find it simple to schedule outbound flights but challenging to organize the returns, particularly when you’re coordinating travel for people departing from and returning to different locations. The elegant and easy solution? Commercial flights to a central city for connection to an aircraft charter schedule to meet all group members’ needs. And because one provider manages planning for the entire flight, you save a lot of organizing time.



Tip 4: charter costs may be LOWER THAN YOU REALIZE

Depending on routing and length of stay, the per-passenger price of a return aircraft charter within Europe usually falls between EUR 250 and EUR 500 for groups of 100 or more. If the aircraft can operate a layover (overnight stay at the airport, no ferry flights incur), the charter becomes more competitive.


Tip 5: WITH pro sky´s team and tools, YOU´RE THE EXPERT

 Every member of our team is committed to using innovation to deliver results that simplify your work and assure your clients of the most comfortable and effective travel options.

We’ve got industry knowledge. But we’ve also converted data into industry intelligence that you can access quickly and easily. With a database of more than 200,000 price quotes from 4,000 airlines, we developed an algorithm that calculates precise estimates for the cost of each trip you plan. This tool, PRO SKY Find & Fly, even adjusts for such factors as high vs. low season, travel dates (weekday vs. weekend), and length of stay on site.


 Access PRO SKY Find & Fly now


PRO SKY Find & Fly puts fast, easy access to 100% of scheduled and chartered group flight solutions at your fingertips. And it’s backed, like all our tools and technologies, by a team you can count on as a partner in developing the best solutions for your group and VIP clients. For a prompt response to your questions or information about how we can work together on your projects, contact us