Christmas at the airport: 7 emotive videos

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News: Christmas at the airport: 7 emotive videos

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Christmas means coming home, making dreams come true and surprising each other. Every year, airlines, media and airports take these Christmas wishes literally and surprise their guests with emotive videos, spectacular flash mobs or unexpected encounters. We have put together the most wonderful ones for you and are certain: these Christmas videos even whet the Grinch’s appetite for Christmas.


The classic among the Christmas airport clips: two teddy bears land at Heathrow Airport, trotting hand in hand from the gate to the arrivals hall. Between all the hustle and bustle, the old couple seems a bit lost – sad, even. Only when they see the reason for their journey – their family – are they all smiles. Suddenly, they can be recognised as people, grandma and grandpa, who embrace their grandchildren. A heart-warming moment that illustrates the meaning of Christmas in the sweetest way. Connecting people on public holidays is probably the most wonderful feeling of all, isn’t it?

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We want to be together at Christmas. But, at the airport, you can see many people waiting alone for their plane, staring at their mobile phones or trying to pass the time alone until departure. KLM wanted to change this and bring strangers together – through the power of community. An unreachably high table stands in the middle of the airport. But, every time someone sits down on one of the twenty stools, the table comes down a little further. Curiosity triumphs, and strangers are suddenly invited to join them at the table. The reward: when all the seats are taken, the group is presented with a huge Christmas meal. They eat, talk and laugh together. Because together, you are less alone.

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The Heathrow bears are back! This time, we learn how Grandma and Grandpa got to know each other. As a young stewardess, Grandma Bear helped an unknown passenger who forgot his hat. This passenger was Grandpa Bear, who quickly bought a packet of biscuits and waited for the stewardess to thank her for her help. The beginning of a beautiful love story that the viewer experiences in time-lapse. Every year, the Bear family grows a bit more. But one thing remains the same: the annual reunion at Heathrow Airport is the highlight of every year.Where does the Bear family travel to all the time?

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WestJet proved to its passengers in a particularly magical way that wishes sometimes come true. While they were waiting for their departure, they revealed their wishes to a virtual Santa Claus. But what they did not suspect was that as they floated high above the clouds, the WestJet team ran off to get every single gift: a warm scarf, a plane ticket home, a snowboard, socks, a camera and much more. Then the surprise at the baggage carousel: Instead of the suitcases, lovingly wrapped packages tumbled onto the suitcase conveyor belt. Most passengers can’t believe it, are happy, laugh and marvel. The message is that miracles come true – when everyone works together.

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What would Christmas be without the Heathrow bears? Grandma and Grandpa Teddy Bear are now delighting for the third year in a row. In the latest video, the two pensioners are in a retirement home in warm Florida. But despite the Christmas tree and air conditioning, they aren’t really feeling the Christmas spirit. When they see their children and grandchildren on a video call, their homesickness becomes especially bad. What is Christmas without your own family? They decide to pack their bags, jump into a taxi and fly home. A little later, they stand at their loved ones’ front door, ring the bell and look into surprised faces. Because sometimes, coming home is the most wonderful gift of all.

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How can you surprise your own passengers just before Christmas? WestJet opted for an “express flight to the North Pole” and turned the gate into a winter dream. Dancing elves, a Christmas tree, a choir, snowmen, ballerinas, reindeers and Santa Claus himself suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The epitome of Christmas! And there were presents as well. Well, if that isn’t a successful surprise!

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What is the best Christmas present? Embracing your loved ones! Sometimes you don’t need any entertainment, any gifts, just a hug from someone you love. Today FM showed what Christmas means by filming the long-awaited reunion of families and friends. Pull out your handkerchiefs because you can expect tears of friendship, big hugs and lots of love in this video!

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