7 tips for an exclusive check-in experience

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7 tips for an exclusive check-in experience

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Would you like to offer your guests an unforgettable experience? Then impress them with your attention to detail at the check-in desk already. Put together your preferred package and surprise your passengers with a personal welcome and sophisticated brand messages.

The first impression counts – it is guaranteed to be unforgettable with exclusive check-in desks. In this way you are creating a unique experience for your guests, far away from long queues, but above all, you are giving them time and a relaxing start to their journey. Choose from one or more counters as the cornerstone for a uniquely individual welcome, lending an ultra-luxurious feel to both charter and scheduled flights.*

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1. Be attentive

Put a smile on your guests’ faces! How? With a personal text message. In this way, you can wish your guests a pleasant flight, at the same time as pointing out the location of the check-in desk, events at their destination or special services – such as a gate buffet. 160 characters are available to you – naturally including your individual sender ID. Ensure that your guests start their journey best informed. 

2. your brand in the spotlight

Are you looking for something eye-catching that shows your guests that you have simply thought of everything? Then individual screen designs at the check-in desk are guaranteed to be the right answer. They enable you not only to help your guests to find their way, but also offer extra space for brand communication. Whether it’s your company name, event logo or a special greeting in your corporate design – there are no limits to your imagination here.

3. Roll out the red carpet

What better way to express your appreciation than a red carpet in front of the check-in desk? This lends even more luxury and exclusivity to your reception – on request, naturally also available in other colours. Do you want your welcome to be particularly impressive? Then we’d recommend individual carpets. Printed either with your company logo or any other motif of your choice, you’ll be creating a special highlight that is guaranteed to grab your guests’ attention. 

"We want our colleagues to identify with the brand. The Pro Sky personalisation services allow us to leverage this at each stage of the journey. And this made a big impression among the passengers, who immediately shared these moments on their social networks."

Laurent Vienne, Sales manager | Victoria France

4. Attract attention

Position your message particularly prominently. Banner displays offer plenty of space for your brand message or an individual welcome. Two square metres of space per display help you get your guests in the mood for the upcoming event at the check-in desk already. How about a high-quality photo collage or a timeline showing your guests what awaits them?


Create a real first-class atmosphere at your exclusive check-in desk with high-quality floral arrangements. These are the details that translate an experience into unforgettable memories. Whether you opt for a colourful bouquet, a sophisticated arrangement or a floral display in your company’s colours – the choice is yours and we will incorporate your ideas and wishes to further enhance your exclusive check-in desk with a charming and eye-catching display.

6. Offer added value

Present yourself as a service-orientated event organiser. Offer your guests a gift that they can continue to use in future: hard plastic luggage tags. The benefit is that you will demonstrate your talent for all-round service concepts, at the same time as gaining extra space for your brand message.


Would you like to welcome your guests in a most special way? Then our hostess service is the right choice for you. Trained personnel will welcome all your guests in person at the check-in desk, help to navigate them around the airport and accompany your group to the gate. As an added bonus the service enables you to register your guests for your event at their departure airport already, handing out name tags and event documentation.

* Availability depends on the airline, airport and type of flight. Some services are subject to booking an exclusive check-in desk.

Get the information you need and put together your package

Which combination of services works best for your event? Which form of presentation is ideal for your brand? Our Airport & Inflight Services experts will be pleased to advise you personally and put together a package tailored to your specific needs. You would like to gain greater insights beforehand? Then download our info sheets including initial price estimations.

Download infosheet Check-In-Services (incl. price indication)

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