"I was recruited on a ski lift"

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Alexandre Abou-Jaoude about how he joined Pro Sky

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Curious, motivated and hungry for a new adventure. During his first meeting with our managing director, Alexandre Abou-Jaoude made such an extraordinary positive impression that he got instantly invited into our Paris office. That was a few months ago. By now, Alexandre is a permanent member of our team – and valued as an up-and-coming talent.

Who expects to be recruited on a ski lift ride? However, that is exactly what happened to Alexandre Abou-Jaoude. "The job offer came completely unexpected, but Gilles quickly convinced me," Alex remembers. Our managing director, Gilles Meynard, had every reason to hire the 22-year-old. "When I met Alex on our PRO SKY Famtrip in Lebanon, I was immediately enthusiastic about his open nature. Alex was our ski guide in Mzaar, the largest ski resort in the country. He was curious, open and wanted to know more. I could immediately see that there was a real sales talent slumbering here," reveals Gilles Meynard. “That was an opportunity I could not miss.”


"It just felt right," says Alex. "Gilles was incredibly friendly and working at Pro Sky seemed to be exciting. After my studies, I had already gained my first experience in the finance and hotel industry. A change to Pro Sky was the next step." Alex never regretted his spontaneous decision to move to Paris. "The best thing about my decision to start with Pro Sky? The feeling of discovering something new and opening myself to the world. And who can say that he works as a Client Service Manager for Aircraft Charter?"  

In fact, Alex proves to be a true natural. "My strengths are my talent for deepening the relationships with our customers and my enthusiasm for new projects," he says. "I especially like direct customer contact and am very committed”. His boss, Andy Falk, can confirm this: "Alex wants to understand new tasks before he gets started. I love the positive way he takes on tasks."

During a visit to our Cologne office lasting several weeks, Alex was as warm-hearted and inquisitive as always. His goal? "I want to learn as much as I can and be among the very best in my field. Bringing Pro Sky to new heights would be the greatest thing. Nevertheless, one highlight of his new job is already priceless for Alex: "The sunsets in Paris!" Because from his new workplace Alex no longer looks at the ski slopes, but directly at the famous Basilica Sacré-Cœur. "This view is just incomparable," Alex smiles.



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