Dietmar Herre: "It's exciting who flies with us!"

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"It's sometimes very surprising who calls us," says private jet expert Dietmar Herre. The Client Service Manager arranges flights for business professionals, football stars, VIPs and rock legends. In our interview, he shares his favourite stories and reveals the unusual way in which he came to his job.

"It's exciting who sometimes flies with us," Dietmar Herre answers when being asked about his customers. "But I don't give names, discretion is the top priority in our business. Nevertheless, his smile reveals that he has already sent one or two superstars around the world. "And some guests make an exception and talk about their flights with us," says the 50-year-old. His most exciting memory? "There was Casey, the YouTube star, who was stranded in Zurich because he missed his connecting flight. I only had 1.5 hours to organize a jet so he would not miss his gig in Cologne. That was a challenge," explains Dietmar. "In these 90 minutes, I made over 100 phone calls and even organized a driver service that dropped him off in front of the stage only two minutes before his performance. But making impossible things possible is what I love about my job," says the aviation professional who did notice that Casey posted a video of the flight. "Getting a super positive thank you email was the biggest reward though."

Aviation is Dietmar's passion. Every year at the EBACE in Geneva, Dietmar informes himself about the latest trends.



"Why I started working for Pro Sky? Everything started with a coincidence", reports Dietmar. "After many years as a Ramp Agent and Operation Manager I was looking for a new challenge. When a flight attendant told me that there was a job called flight manager, I was directly interested. Taking care of flights, being a personal contact person and managing everything on site – that did sound like it was just perfect for me. But PRO SKY didn't have any freelance flight managers at the time". “It's true that Dietmar kept calling, asking if he could work for us as a freelancer”, remembers Miriam Mathwich, Director People. As the head of the Airport & Inflight Services Department, it was always her at the other end of the line. "And Dietmar just wouldn't give up. This fact – and, of course, his many years of aviation experience – convinced us. I would even say that it is his legacy that we now also work with permanent, external flight managers."

Everything's under control. Dietmar proves his organisational talent during flights to the World Cup in Brazil.



Nethertheless, Dietmar's journey should not end there. "Again and again our customers asked to be accompanied by Dietmar as a flight manager," Miriam reveals. “Dietmar was and is dedicated, service-oriented, attentive and flexible. Then we were looking for a client service manager in the private jet sector for our Zurich office and it quickly became clear to us that we could not fill the position with anyone else than Dietmar. His personality, his positive attitude and his eye for detail were unbeatable arguments. Moreover, Dietmar had worked at the General Aviation Terminal in Munich for many years. So we got an expert on board." "That was a big step for me," admits the enthusiastic climber. "My independence has always been very important to me. However, PRO SKY is different from other companies. Here my way of handling things is appreciated. Armin, our CEO, knows that I like being outdoors, hiking, taking pictures. One day a week, I have to climb the mountain. I still have the time for that. When I had to decide whether to accept the job, I remembered the invitation to the Christmas party in Paris, the corporate culture I missed in other jobs. This way it became clear to me: "Here I can be who I really am."

Mountaineering, climbing, hiking: Dietmar spends almost every free minute in nature.



Since then, Dietmar is PRO SKY’s expert for VIP flights, in close contact with private airlines and finding the best possible flight solutions for customers. "It's fun to realize tailor-made flights. Sometimes my job means I have to coordinate two or even three flights in one day. This includes not only covering unusual routes, but also realizing unusual wishes. Once a customer was already on the plane when he asked me to arrange a reservation in a trendy Stockholm restaurant for the very same evening plus an appropriate transfer. But together with our colleagues from the handling department at the airport, we were able to realize everything at the last minute and the customer was very happy". Because of situations like this, Dietmar has customers who always choose him despite them having attractive competitive offers. "It's nice to hear when regular customers tell you that they have alternatives, but know that they wouldn't get such a service anywhere else. I think that has something to do with the fact that I am always absolutely open and honest with my customers. We are often communicating in a relaxed way, but always being respectful and professional. And I think that is what is making the difference."

Dietmar Herre attaches great importance to getting to know his customers personally whenever possible. In the photo he welcomes the travel group of the Bauunternehmen Schulte GmbH at the Munich General Aviation Terminal. 



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