Jorge Mateus: „At PRO SKY the development opportunities are endless!"

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News: Jorge Mateus: „At PRO SKY the development opportunities are endless!"

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What if you are torn between your job as a web developer and the passion for aviation? Jorge Mateus took the plunge and quit his job. The reward? Now he is not only the PRO SKY Head of Operations South America but also our Head of Engineering.

„My original plan was to become a flight attendant“, admits Jorge Mateus. “I had made up my mind that I wanted to work in the aviation industry.” At the time he had made this decision, he was a web developer working for a Portuguese company, which had an office in São Paulo. “Going to Brazil completely changed my life”, Jorge explains. In São Paulo, he did not only meet his wife but also started a cabin crew course, got certified by the national agency and was working part-time in a high-profile coffee shop on the side. “That was a great experience to learn and refine good customer service and attention to detail.” When he found out about an open position at PRO SKY a few months before the world cup in Brazil, Jorge knew that this job was “a very exciting opportunity” he had to seize.



„When I met Jorge he told me that he wanted to change his job because he was missing human contact”, Carolina Dal Bello, Manager People, remembers. “He wanted to connect. This is something we could understand. And I really liked that he wasn’t only interested in one business sector but many.” Jorge was hired as a Junior Client Service Manager but quickly climbed the corporate ladder. “Since day one Carolina has been a huge support for me”, says Jorge. “The people at PRO SKY are great, the development opportunities endless. In the company, we have room to bring our own ideas and create opportunities together. It was definitely the best place to build a new career in the aviation industry.”

Over the years, Jorge took on more and more responsibility. “Nowadays I manage the operations of São Paulo office and, in parallel, coordinate group-wide internal engineering projects, focused on developing internal IT solutions to simplify our processes”, explains the aviation lover. “I organize quite carefully high-demand charter and private jet operations, always pushing for a pixel-perfect experience for our customers and passengers, according to the plan. On the other hand, I am very efficiency-oriented, and always look for improvement of working processes.”



You can feel how passionate Jorge is about his job the second he starts talking about his tasks. “You don’t really know what sort of exciting operations will come next day. It can be a helicopter in the mountains of Colombia, or a private jet to a music superstar in Latin America, or a last-minute flight for a head of state from a country anywhere in the world. That is definitely something special.” Something you have to be prepared for. “I try to be always quick and stay close to our customers on whatever need they have. Also, I want to be as predictable as possible and make them feel comfortable and well informed about the whole situation, if needed, already with plan B and C in case of any issue,” Jorge says.

His clients appreciate this mix of customer service and operations experience with IT engineering knowledge. “They like that I am creative and sometimes ingenious. In a business where information is everything, many times I bring faster and better solutions to the table.” One out of many reasons why Jorge recently got promoted and became the Head of Engineering. “In addition to his role as Head of South American Operations, he strongly contributed to our process development, with endurance and great ability to cooperate and support colleagues all over the world”, explains Armin Truger, CEO PRO SKY. “He brought valuable insights, structure, solutions and his ‘don´t worry, we will do this’ attitude into many development projects.”


„It’s like I’d pass by their desk!“

With PRO SKY having offices in Cologne, Paris, Zurich and São Paulo most of Jorge’s colleagues work in Germany and France. “Physically I’m quite distant, but in fact I’m not far away from the team from the psychological point of view”, he says. “I have daily talks via web conference with various team members, just like I’d pass by their desk to exchange an idea or other.” “Be it during team meeting or individual exchange, we do communicate several times on a weekly basis“ explains Quentin Rouxel, Director Marketing and Product Development. “Jorge’s background in software engineering and his experience in Aircraft Charters and Private Jets make him a an unbelievable asset for PRO SKY to succeed in our mission to simplify Group & VIP flights through digital solutions.”

But this isn’t the only reason why his colleagues love to work with Jorge. “I’m sure many love the “pasteis de nata” I occasionally bring to the office”, Jorge smiles. “We do have great fun with the mix of cultures! And we achieve better results on what we do, are able to melt far different point of views.” You can tell by the look on his face that he feels at home at PRO SKY. And the team could not be any happier to have Jorge as the head of not only one but two departments at PRO SKY.



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