"So exciting was our flight with the Swiss Olympic team!"

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News: "So exciting was our flight with the Swiss Olympic team!"

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A successful Olympic team, lots of special luggage and a new check-in best time. When our Client Service Manager Stefanie Wahn travelled to Sarajevo to accompany the youth delegation of the Swiss Olympics Team back to Basel after the European Youth Olympic Festival, she had no idea that this charter flight would break some records.


"We calculate the volume of baggage before each charter flight and plan for hours," explains charter expert Stefanie Wahn. "But seeing the whole thing live is a little different. Everyone had at least two huge pieces of luggage. The mountain of luggage was as big as me," recalls the 160 cm tall travel expert. No wonder. The 58 Swiss athletes, their coaches and attendants, did not only bring snowboards and skis, but also large gun cases and massage tables. "The team took part in all disciplines: biathlon, curling, ice hockey, figure skating, short track, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. There's a lot summing up."


„We checked in all 91 passengers in just six minutes!“

Preparation is everything. That's why Client Service Manager Stefanie Wahn was on site long before the first team leaders arrived three hours before departure. "They were thrilled how well organized it was. In Sarajevo, a part of the airport had been closed off for them, everything was prepared. The team hadn't booked a flight manager for the outbound flight, so they had a direct comparison." And they were enthusiastic about the check-in process. "Despite bulky luggage, we were able to check in over 200 pieces of luggage in less than 30 minutes. Instead of the usual three, we had ten check-in counters. So when the athletes arrived, it went really fast. We checked in all 91 passengers in just six minutes! A new record as far as I know!"

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Already in Sarajevo it showed how excited everybody was. "After the successful event they wanted to go home as soon as possible, asked me if we could start a few minutes earlier," remembers Stefanie Wahn. She managed to make the charter flight take off 15 minutes earlier than planned. "The team could not wait to celebrate their success with their families and friends." And how about having58 teenagers on board? "That was awesome," Stefanie Wahn declares enthusiastically. "The atmosphere was so great. Especially because the team set a new record with a total of 12 medals - 5 x gold, 5 x silver and 2 x bronze. But we did set one too: "I think we never had so many Olympic medals on board before". The result: "On board everyone was singing. That's something I am going to remember."



Back on Swiss soil, the team was awaited by a huge reception committee of friends, family and fans. "Everyone cheered and rattled with cowbells," recalls Stefanie Wahn. "Everyone was applauded individually. What an amazing welcome!" For the team a complete area had been closed off. Later, when Steffi told her PRO SKY colleagues about the successful flights around the biggest multi-sport event for the European youth, everyone could notice how proud she was. "The director of the Swiss Olympic team and the team leader Michel told me they were super satisfied. So the whole effort was definitelyworth it." 

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