How to find the best group flight for your event

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How to find the best group flight for your event with PRO SKY

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Whether you’re organizing an incentive trip, flights for a sports team, or transportation to an event, the right team can assist you with more than coordinating schedules and handling special luggage requirements. PRO SKY not only enhances group travel, but uses group travel to enhance MICE events.

“Nobody wants to fly,” says Andy Falck, Director of Aircraft Charters and Airport & Inflight Services. “They want to go somewhere, see something, learn something, enjoy something. The flight is a means of having that experience, and PRO SKY can make the journey part of the experience.”


StEP 1: Give us your priorities. We’ll give you a stress-free solution.

When we begin working together on your flight solution, your PRO SKY representative will ask for information about the group size and any specialized luggage requirements. Once we review these logistical details, we’ll create your optimal solution by addressing what’s most important to you. Whether that means price, scheduling, branding, or individualized features at the airport or on board, we’ll work to your specifications. And those priorities help us to determine whether your group is best served by a scheduled flight, charter, or a combination of the two.

Your planning timetable may provide additional clues to finding the best solution. For example, your company may begin organizing incentive trips many months before you know which employees will earn this reward. In that case, a charter flight may best serve your needs by offering maximum passenger flexibility. (A commercial flight requires each passenger’s name at the time of booking.

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STEP 2: Commercial or charter? Our experts find the best option.

Scheduled flights are usually best for groups of up to 40 people. Larger groups are more likely to benefit from charter options. Charters can be integrated into the event more easily than scheduled flights can be. “It can create a different kind of common experience for the group,” Falck says. “You can make boarding announcements, have branding on the aircraft, and distribute things more easily.” One customer chose a charter so that it could organize an in-flight presentation. Others have requested specific meals or in-flight entertainment.

PRO SKY can coordinate some special features on schedules flights. The team can reserve event spaces at airports or request a dedicated check-in counter with a red carpet or branding. We can also help to arrange customized on-board features and experiences, from specialized catering to branding of headrest covers and snack bags. But these perks are not always available with commercial travel, so if they’re priorities, a charter may be your best option.

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Step 3: a contract that simplifies your life.

Our mission is to simplify things as much as possible for you. And that goal applies to working not only with our team, but also with our contract. We’ve kept the agreement to just a few pages written in language that’s straightforward and easy to understand. With this contract, you’ll have no doubts about payment schedules, cancellation conditions or other terms.

The contract put into writing our commitment to keep you informed of your flight’s on-time performance and to address any concerns you may have in the event of delays. If the departure is delayed by more than an hour, we’ll organize non-alcoholic beverage service for your group. If it’s delayed by more than two hours, we’ll organize a meal. We’ll take care of these matters just as you would, and you won’t even have to ask. Moreover Pro Sky ensures the fastest possible alternatives and even assumes any additional costs within the framework of reliable limits.

That means a greater sense of security for you—and no surprises in our relationship. And it is a relationship: when you sign this agreement, you get 24/7 access to us when you need support before, during or after your event. As the contract clearly states, you can depend on us to use our well-established relationships with the airlines to do everything possible to keep your group moving on schedule.  



Step 4: Take these details off your checklist.

PRO SKY’s additional value-added options include contracting travel planning experts who will be with you all through the journey. When you engage one of our flight managers, you can delegate responsibilities to professionals with years of aviation and event management experience. This allows you to relax and be assured that the flight experience meets all your expectations, down to the smallest detail.  

Your flight manager will:

  • ensure that your flight is properly displayed on airport monitors and that check-in counters are open on time and have proper signage
  • welcome your guests at check-in
  • manage VIP reception, special seating, and name changes
  • track your estimated departure, arrival times and air traffic conditions
  • manage last-minute changes with handling agents, the airline and suppliers
  • take care of your guests and keep you informed in the event of delays

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Step 5: relax + enjoy your memorable, successful event.

Booking through PRO SKY relieves you of the stress of organizing travel logistics. You can focus instead on creating a successful and memorable event. When you arrive at the airport, your flight manager is ready to complete the travel organizing process so you can take care of your team instead of having to take care of last-minute details. As you settle into your seat on the flight, take a moment to enjoy the reaction as your group admires the branded interior, snacks, and other comforts.

“PRO SKY has the knowledge you need to optimize your group travel,” Falck says. “The result is that the first and last impressions of your event are the most positive possible.” And our support allows you to relax, enjoy the event you’ve organized and the praise you receive for your work.

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