7 reasons why every event manager should take a Fam Trip

Seven reasons why every event manager should take a Fam Trip

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These days, professional MICE planners need to excel not just in one but in two disciplines – they have to offer events in trending destinations while also showing traditional MICE travel destinations in a new light. This certainly requires a broad network and, ideally, local knowledge. How can event managers provide all this, stand out from competitors, and impress customers with detailed information? The solution is Fam Trips. We reveal what’s behind familiarisation trips and why every event manager should regularly take part in them.

1. Improve your portfolio

It’s important each year to stand out from your competitors by offering something new. For travel destinations, you can achieve this in two ways: either by offering trips to current trending destinations or by providing new perspectives on traditional MICE destinations. Both options have their challenges. How can I discover new trending destinations at the right time? And how can I provide surprises and offer new programme options in the traditional destinations? A Fam Trip is the answer. It provides the perfect basis to make sure you have new highlights in your portfolio.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • Which target group is the destination ideal for?
  • How can I find out ahead of time which destinations are up-and-coming?
  • How can I show traditional MICE destinations in a new light?

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2. Get a quick overview

Time-consuming research is a thing of the past. During a two or three day Fam Trip, you can discover the destination first hand and determine which events it would be ideal for – and doing this while being there. Now you just have to let this information soak in and decide which of your customers would be interested in this travel destination. This saves time while also giving you a specific advantage over competitors.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • Which of my customers is this destination suited for?
  • What are the destination’s best selling points?
  • Is it better as an incentive destination or as a conference destination?

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3. Experience the destination from a customer perspective

A successful event is more than just the sum of its parts. In a professional Fam Trip, you’ll learn not only about the destination, but also become familiar with all the factors that are essential for making an event a success. These include flight options, opportunities for brand communication, transfers, local activities, the hotel and the conference facilities. This is the only way to experience the destination from a customer perspective. And this is the best way to evaluate which services you want to use for your event.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

“We want to present the destination in its entirety, together with its people, culture, places and culinary diversity,” says Daniel Kusenbach, who organises Fam Trips for Pro Sky Germany. “Those participating are always pleased to have an opportunity to be an active part of the whole. This interaction is necessary. It’s the best way to get a feel for a destination.”


4. Get ahead with first-hand reports of your experiences 

Taking part in a Fam Trip means you don’t just read about the optional activities, you experience them with all your senses! The feel of the wind on your face when taking a Husky sled ride or the smell of home-made Sardinian pasta. When you give a pitch, these small details can make all the difference. So get ahead with first-hand reports of your experiences and bring destinations alive for your customers. Because you can actually say: “I've tried it myself.”

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • How fit should participants be?
  • Which activities are suitable for large groups and which for small groups?
  • Which activities stand out from what is currently on offer?

“On our Fam Trips, event managers experience activities that clearly stand out from the usual MICE fare,” explains Gilles Meynard, who plans Fam Trips for Pro Sky France. “We organise ski trips to the highest slopes of the Middle East, and offer a dinner in Oslo where participants can enjoy the same menu that Kofi Annan was served on receiving his Nobel Peace Prize. This year, we’re flying to Hollywood, visiting the film studios and becoming actors, shooting one of those old American movies.”


5. Benefit from valuable contacts with local partners

If you want to arrange unforgettable events, you need the right local partner. Internet research can quickly provide this but cannot replace personal networking. Trust mainly comes from successfully sharing experiences. This is the best basis for long-term cooperation and gives more weight when giving customers recommendations.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • Who can I collaborate with locally?
  • Is there a language barrier?
  • How would the collaboration work?

“With us, you experience the destination close up and personal,” says Daniel Kusenbach, Director of Sales. “To ensure this, we work closely with a range of carefully selected partners. Our partners operate at the same high level as us in the B2B environment, and are specialists for MICE planners. And we’re always on the lookout for new premium partners who can provide new event venues to MICE planners.”


6. Gain partners through successful networking

Fam Trips are about much more than just discovering a destination. They are also about making new contacts, learning from other experts, building new relationships. The small group size allows detailed discussions and creates a pleasant atmosphere, which often results in long-term collaborations.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • What are my competitors planning?
  • How can I collaborate with other Fam Trip participants?
  • To what extent do I want to collaborate with Fam Trip organisers?

“Participants usually report that they didn’t just discover beautiful new places, but also met interesting people,” comments Daniel Kusenbach. “Six to ten people, who were absolute strangers, can quickly become a really tight-knit group. Such Fam Trips are a great opportunity to foster professional bonds.”


7. Impress with better pitches

Even before participants take their seats to fly home, they will be thinking about how to present their experiences. How can I best share the experiences I’ve just had with my customers? What media can I use? Fam Trips are an ideal opportunity to create authentic promotional material, whether photos, videos or first-hand reports. There’s no doubt about it: those who have been there in person are best placed to present exceptional pitches.

Questions that a good Fam Trip should answer:

  • Which facts are vital to introducing the destination?
  • Which visual impressions and sources can I use?
  • Which (of my own) photos do I want to use?

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