Find & Fly: The Top Ten Destinations in June

Find & Fly: The Top Ten Destinations in June

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On Find & Fly, our online platform to easily compare scheduled and charter flights, event managers and other MICE players search for the best flight options every month. The numerous searches provide a picture of the most popular destinations. We tell you which destinations the industry was looking at in June.

1. PLACE: Mallorca

For three months in a row, Mallorca has been in the top ten of most searched destinations on Find & Fly, the online portal for charter and scheduled flight comparisons. What's the reason for this good ranking? It's located close to the European mainland while also being an excellent MICE destination. Whether you want luxury or adventure, mountains or beaches, Mallorca has plenty to offer groups, impresses with a range of incentive options, and offers beautiful natural surroundings. The island is a year-round attraction for groups from all over Europe and has already become a true classic as a MICE destination.

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Located between the Sahara and the Mediterranean, Tunisia offers MICE groups beach holidays, plenty of culture and desert adventure. What else does the North African state have to offer? 300 days of sunshine a year to guarantee excellent weather, a huge range of activities to choose from, and value for money that generally outshines similar destinations. Tunisia has been going through a phase of political transition, but the situation now largely eased with numerous tourist groups being attracted to this destination again. It's no longer surprising to find the historical capital of Tunis among the most popular destinations on Find & Fly, especially during the summer months.

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Colourful and vibrant, Barcelona has always been one of the most popular destinations for MICE groups. It has excellent infrastructure, plenty of options for activities, a large choice of potential local partners, and a rich cultural heritage. The coastal city delights with its culinary offerings, art to experience first-hand, and its vibrant night-life. The city is constantly reinventing itself offering even returning MICE groups new experiences time and again. It has truly established itself as a MICE classic that is predestined for a European city-trip. This has resulted in persistently good rankings among our most popular destinations on Find & Fly.

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What would Europe be without Paris? The French capital is considered the centre of art, fashion and cuisine, attracting thousands of travellers every year. But anyone believing that Paris can be summed up with the Eiffel Tower, small cafés, Notre Dame, walks along the Seine and a visit to the Louvre is very much mistaken. It's not just the multitude of sights and the special charm that make a visit to the city of love so appealing. It's also the way the city successfully balances its rich heritage with contemporary demands: the cosmopolitan city boasts a sparkling array of conference facilities, MICE activities and well over 100 trade fairs.

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Twenty ski areas, Lake Constance and even a section of the Way of St. James, the pilgrims' path to Santiago de Compostela – Located right where Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Principality of Liechtenstein border each other, the canton of St. Gallen is a true gem among travel destinations. Ranked fifth as the most searched destination on Find & Fly, the canton's capital, also called St. Gallen, has reached an unusually high position. Whether our users are preparing for the skiing season or intending to visit the St. Gallen Festival at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Abbey District, St. Gallen is always worth a trip.

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Marrakesh has been long-time favourite for Find & Fly searches. For three months now, the historical city has been securing a top ten ranking, inspiring event planners and travel managers alike. A possible reason is that travellers are able to immerse in a fascinating culture, the hustle and bustle of the many colourful alleyways and magnificent architecture. Just a short trip away from Europe, MICE groups can discover a whole new world, enjoy the exotic flair, indulge in culinary delights and experience truly special incentive trips. You haven't been to Morocco yet? Marrakesh might just be the place to convince you to visit soon.

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Monastir is the second Tunisian city in our top ten of the month. The port city is ranked seventh among the most searched destinations on Find & Fly, an outstanding ranking considering that tourism is recovering only slowly in Monastir. However, the city's recent history also holds opportunities for tourism. Rooms with sea views are available for less than 30 euros, and top-class restaurants offer the finest cuisine at low prices. Monastir residents are renowned for their hospitality. For many travellers it is not the imposing fortress and the beaches that lead them to Monastir, but the exotic flair, the colourful markets and the warmth of the people.

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Lisbon has been a permanent fixture in our rankings. The Portuguese capital is a MICE classic so it's hard to imagine it not being in our top ten. It enchants travel groups all year round with its Mediterranean flair and the constantly growing number of options for conferences, meetings and incentives. Lisbon is simply an El Dorado for MICE travel groups. You know what you're getting in Lisbon and you can always discover something new. Would you like to discover the city too? The coastal city can be reached from most European airports in less than three hours.

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Ibiza is an island of contrasts. People visiting here want to let go, love the hippie scene or just like relaxing on the beach, doing yoga and seeking their inner balance. But at night, large parts of Ibiza transform into one big party. With celebrity DJs, loud beats and colourful cocktails, you can party all night long if you want. It's this mix of relaxation and vibrant night-life that delights many visitors and secures a well-deserved ninth place in our ranking of the most searched destinations on Find & Fly.

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Sylt is a newcomer in our rankings and yet the North Sea island known for its long beaches and coastal wetlands is in no way inferior to the big metropolises in our top ten. Sylt is extremely popular for demanding MICE groups, combining nature with a touch of luxury. The island offers conference facilities on ships, beach golf, champagne mudflat walks and oyster tastings. Sounds tempting? Then see for yourself why Sylt is one of the ten most searched destinations on Find & Fly, and discover the island up close and personal.

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