Lilly Nehrig: “In every department I get to learn something new!”

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Lilly is one of the first trainees at the Airline Tickets for Groups Department of Pro Sky.

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"It was really a lot of fun to work with the team and to see how things function here," says Lilly Nehrig after her time in the Marketing Department. As part of her training as a tourism administrator in the "Airline Tickets for Groups" team, the 22-year-old is able to get to know different areas of Pro Sky and has now had the opportunity of spending three weeks with her marketing colleagues. "I can now better understand how things are connected and was able to take on some tasks myself."


Lilly Nehrig and Hannah Engelmann are the first trainees at the Airline Tickets for Groups Department of Pro Sky and are now in their second year of training. "Internships for students have been around at Pro Sky for a long time," says Lilly. "But we're both spending a full three years with the company and a lot of this time involves practical work experience. We are learning a lot and getting to understand the day-to-day business even better." She particularly likes the fact that she can immerse herself in different areas of the company and spend several weeks in the various departments as part of her training.

"So far, I've been able to get to know the Airport & Inflight Services Department. I’ve now been in Marketing," says Lilly. "They have many different types of tasks to do, most of which are about acquiring and retaining customers." Her time with the team has helped her to better understand how things are connected to each other – especially the projects that affect her own department. "It's great to see our work from a completely different perspective," she reveals, "and I got to know a total of four marketing areas: product development, offline marketing, online marketing and content marketing."

Lilly also has experience in other departments. Her colleagues, like Renj Parumalayil, are happy to support her.



Lilly especially liked the social media sector. "I could try out many things for myself here and create my own posts." She was particularly impressed by the complexity of the tasks: "It's remarkable how many steps are behind a simple post. Images and text require a lot of planning such as the choice of picture format and the appropriate hashtags." She also learned that the time of publication plays a major role. "Now I know the time and the channels you need to post on to reach a lot of customers."


Denise Odemar, Lilly's mentor, supports her in her day-to-day business, helps her plan and prioritize tasks. Denise also sees the involvement in various departments as a great opportunity for the trainees: "Moving between teams offers a great opportunity not only to gain a lot of insight into the different ways the individual teams work, but also to get to know the colleagues in these areas better. The great thing is that we are very well positioned thanks to the diversity of our teams and can thus provide a broad framework for training." 

Highly concentrated. Lilly is a valuable team member on whom her colleagues can always count.



Moving between teams is an enriching experience not just for the trainees but also for the colleagues of the other departments. "Thanks to our trainees, we reflect on our work time and again. Their curiosity and questions help us to take completely new perspectives of our work and to ask ourselves whether everything we do is comprehensible to our colleagues," says Linda Klein, Marketing Campaign Manager at Pro Sky. "I think it's vital to link up the company's different departments and this is what happens when trainees get a taste of the different areas of the company and actively get involved with them".


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