MICE events in transition: Trend towards short trips on the rise

MICE events in transition: Trend towards short trips on the rise

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While in the last two years, events without an overnight stay became rarer, one-day events are experiencing a revival this year. Compared with 2018 there are twice as many events without an overnight stay. This means that destinations for many events this year must be particularly quick and easy to reach.

The figures from our survey for the Pro Sky Destination Report 2019 show: Long events are less common; short trips are on the rise. There is no time for long journeys; the programme must be tightly timed or reduced. A disadvantage? Not necessarily. Short trips of one to two days offer the opportunity to concentrate on a specific topic. Nonetheless, events with a stay of one to two nights are still number one. It turns out: It depends on the occasion of the event. In general, however, event planners and agencies should prepare themselves for more events with a short stay.

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