“I fell in love with the fact that we can travel all over the world!”

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“I fell in love with the fact that we can travel all over the world!”  | Mégane Salvi about her job at Pro Sky

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After studying in Hawaii, Mégane Salvi knew that she wanted to work in the travel industry. "I realized how much I needed to travel and I was passionate about the aviation industry", explains the 25-year-old Client Service Manager for Aircraft Charters. But how was she to fulfil this dream? "After graduating with a masters in International Travel Management, I got approached on LinkedIn, and just a few months later I was working for Pro Sky. Now I am already organizing Around the World Tours."

"Thanks to Pro Sky I have been to more than twelve new countries!"

"I love to talk with my clients and collaborate with the airlines", says Mégane. "I think building relationships is my best skill." But customers also appreciate her quick and efficient way of working. Since her internship at Pro Sky, Mégane's abilities have evolved. Now she is responsible for Aircraft Charters, always finding the best solution for each client. "At Pro Sky you grow with your tasks. And the job is a lot of fun. I can do what I've always dreamed of here. Travelling is part of my job. And thanks to Pro Sky, I've been able to add more than twelve countries to the list of countries I've travelled to." "By working for us, her travels have led her to accompany chartered flights to Rio and Greenland. Twice a year she is in Honolulu to spend time with her twin sister", adds Gilles Meynard, Managing Director Pro Sky France. They both share a passion for travelling and manage large projects together.


„I was the one who managed the world tour project“

"Have you ever been on an air cruise?", Mégane asks, too excited to wait for an answer. "We flew around the world in only 21 days, travelled 40,000 kilometres, and visited nine destinations on five continents!" The Around the World Tour has been her favourite project since she first started working it. "Together with Safrans du Monde, we made this journey of a lifetime possible", she says. „I was the one who managed the world tour project, I accompanied the flights and met people I am still in contact with today. My team completely trusted me, and encouraged my individual talents." One can tell she loves her working environment. "I have the chance here to truly develop my skills and personality", Mégane says.

"Mégane is all the more committed due to her young age."

Isn't she a little young for so much responsibility? "Not at all", knows her mentor Gilles Meynard. "Mégane is not only enthusiastic, she truly knows the job." When he talks about her, it becomes clear how much he appreciates her work and passion. "One might think her young age is a handicap, when actually it's the opposite. Mégane is all the more committed. Due to her experience, she can handle projects of all sizes, whether it's a 50-minute flight or a 21-day trip around the world." And his smile reveals that he's really proud of the young professional.



"I consider my colleagues as my Second family!"

These positive vibes are one of the reasons why she feels she is in such good hands with the company. "The fact that I fell in love with the team was actually one of the reasons I joined Pro Sky", explains Mégane. "I consider my colleagues my second family." Her colleagues embrace her lively spirit and appreciate her caring nature. "Mégane's character is strong and she follows her heart", stresses Gilles Meynard. Her personality impressed him immediately. What makes her special? "She is vegan, connected to home but also travels to the most exotic stopovers", he says. She has proven herself as the perfect fit. What's her plans for the future? "To stay with Pro Sky", she smiles. An answer that doesn't need any other explanation.



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