Destination selection: Accessibility has top priority

Destination selection: Accessibility has top priority

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The event experts taking part in our survey for the PRO SKY Destination Report 2019 are in agreement again this year: Accessibility is by far the most important criterion when planning events. But what exactly does this mean for the selection of destinations? Above all, the availability of nonstop flights has a major influence on the choice of destination.

A total of 85 percent of respondents stated that direct flights were always or often particularly relevant. This can affect both scheduled and charter flights, as the latter are often a welcome opportunity to open up completely new travel destinations and thus offer their guests completely new highlights. The same applies to flight times. Few people want to spend long periods in the air. For 75 percent, a flight time of less than 150 minutes is decisive. This may be due to the trend towards short trips, which presents many event planners with the challenge of spending as little travel time as possible on transport. Another argument, however, is often simply comfort. Only for around nine percent of event planners flight time is never or rarely a decisive factor.

But even if the destination can be reached on direct flights and those flights are of less than two hours' duration, unattractive flight schedule times can be a criterion for excluding the destination. The aim is not only to travel at the most pleasant time of day, but also to avoid waiting times that can occur if there is too long a distance between the time of arrival and the first item on the programme. All in all, the more flights offered are tailored to specific needs, the more likely a destination will be considered for the event in question.

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