Incentive travel: Activities need to be unusual and original

Incentive travel: Activities need to be unusual and original

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Are adventures more important than trust? When it comes to travel, our experts clearly say: Yes! If you are looking for suitable activities at the location, you are looking for unusual experiences! Nevertheless, almost half of our respondents are convinced that when choosing the right destination, it is not only original excursions that count, but also connections to local partners and interesting cultural experiences.

A total of 51 percent of the event experts participating in the survey for the PRO SKY Destination Report always or often consider it a particularly relevant criterion that there is a known DMC or other local partners on-site. This not only guarantees more relaxed processes but also gives guests the opportunity to gain insight into successful past events at this destination and underlines that the event planner is capable of providing special activities for the planned group travel. At the same time, just as many respondents are in favor of interesting cultural experiences. They want not only to visit a country, but to discover it with all their senses, come into contact with locals, try typical dishes, and learn typical skills for the destination. From cooking or handicraft courses to dance or nature experiences, delivering authenticity means scoring with guests.

Question: How often are you influenced by these criteria when selecting a destination? Note: All figures have been rounded.

Much more important for most event planners—namely 62 percent—is the ability to surprise their guests. So an activity should not only be exciting but above all “original or unusual”. This guarantees surprised clients and unforgettable memories. What kind of activities can you try? Be inspired by the activities at our trend destinations. Our favorites: mountain hiking with wild pigs, ice climbing, overnight stays on the Great Wall of China and robot workshops. The options are as unlimited as your imagination.

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